After a dismal showing in New Hampshire, many pundits expected Ben Carson to drop out of the race to become the Republican nominee for president. One member of Congress saw this, for some reason, as the perfect time to offer an endorsement for Carson.

Andy Harris, the Maryland Congressman who is not our favorite, announced his public support for Carson yesterday, telling the Washington Post that “[Carson] will restore America to greatness – not as a punch line in a campaign, but as a belief in returning America to its Constitutional roots.”

Carson is a Republican who lives in Maryland and who used to work as a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins; Harris went to medical school at Hopkins, and is the only Republican among Maryland’s Congressional representatives, so the endorsement is not unexpected–what’s surprising, in fact, is why Harris waited until Carson’s campaign was on its last legs to offer up his support.

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  1. Your facts are very wrong,he lives in Florida. Carson did not work as a neurosurgeon, he chaired the department. I goes on and on, Rachel Monroe needs to check the definition of professional, as in write like a professional.

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