Birds Wage War on Airplanes at BWI, with Damaging Effects

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You might have thought that the war between airplanes and birds was long over. But a new report reveals that it rages on at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. The Washington Post counted over 900 instances since 2000 of birds striking airplanes at BWI. In over fifty cases, the birds have actually damaged the aircraft.

I know, some of you didn’t need another reason to be afraid of flying. Sorry. But bear in mind that this has not translated into harm to passengers so far. But bird strikes are apparently a real threat. At least recently. In the past few years we’ve seen at least two commercial flights forced to make emergency landings due to bird strikes.

To combat this problem BWI has sought out ways to make the runway even less hospitable to wildlife, cutting back vegetation and even firing off cannons to scare away birds.

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