Blacksauce Kitchen’s New Storefront in Remington. Photo by Local Color Flowers

Ask a group of Baltimoreans who has the best crabs in the city and there’ll likely be some disagreement, but ask about Biscuits, and there is no such room for debate. You’ll be directed under the highway to the downtown farmer’s market, and the Blacksauce Kitchen biscuit stand.

The catering and pop-up business has been dominating the market food scene in Baltimore since 2010. Started as a mobile food service (not so much a food truck as a bbq on wheels), they sell at both the downtown and Waverly farmer’s markets every week, as well as offering catering services for large events, and collaborating with other businesses for special events. They’ve been known to have a full pig roast multiple times a year at hip craft brewery Union Craft in Woodberry, and cater enormous feasts for weddings and holiday parties.

Owner/chef Damian Mosley can be seen assembling hot sandwiches himself most weekend mornings, while his loyal following lines up extending across the entire market by late morning. Patient market goers know: it’s worth the lines for specialty biscuits stuffed with mouthwatering pork shoulder or braised beef cheek, poached and grilled seasonal produce like pears and beets, each partnered with creative combinations of smokey, oozing cheeses, local eggs, or fresh market greens. The menu rotates and changes weekly. There’s always something for everyone. But if you’re not there on a weekend, you miss out. Until now!

In late 2015, Blacksauce purchased the old Sterling’s Oyster & Crab House building in Remington, and as of last month, the location is open with counter service one day a week. In addition to your market rituals, you can now add a Blacksauce fix to your Thursdays. Open 11am-8pm, Blacksauce will expand it’s offerings and rely less heavily on biscuits, experimenting new tastes and textures. While biscuit die-hards can probably still find them at the shop in a carb emergency, most of us can rest easy knowing the variety just means we’re allowed to eat with Blacksauce multiple times a week.

Blacksauce Kitchen is located at 401 W. 29th St., Baltimore, MD 21211. They are also at the Waverly and Downtown Farmer’s Markets, all open weekends.

Rachel Bone is a regular contributor to the Baltimore Fishbowl.