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Blacksauce Kitchen Now Open Thursdays in Remington

Blacksauce Kitchen’s New Storefront in Remington. Photo by Local Color Flowers

Ask a group of Baltimoreans who has the best crabs in the city and there’ll likely be some disagreement, but ask about Biscuits, and there is no such room for debate. You’ll be directed under the highway to the downtown farmer’s market, and the Blacksauce Kitchen biscuit stand.

Black Fridays Return with Whole Hog at Union Craft Brewing


blackfridayscatch of the day fish (2)With picnic tables and access to plenty of some of the best local beer around, Union Craft Brewing’s space in Hampden one of the prime spots for outdoor imbibing. On Fridays during the summer, the local brewery adds a whole hog to the mix.

Blacksauce Kitchen and the JFX Farmers Market



catch of the day fish (2)Admittedly, we’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on all things related to the spring holidays. Easter and Passover coincide this year, so it seems like everyone’s atwitter with plans for gathering, visiting, and feasting with friends and loved ones this weekend. And we’re fully behind that. But if neither Easter nor Passover is really a thing for you, there is a certain way in which you’re at an advantage. Because this weekend, you can head down, unfettered, to the JFX farmers’ market and get your fill of incredible food from Blacksauce Kitchen. And there probably won’t even be a line.

Blacksauce Comes to Artifact


Whole Hog

catch of the day fish (2)We love it when two of our favorite things come together. In this case, it’s a (weekend-long) marriage of Artifact Coffee (one of the best spots in town for a cup of joe and something to nibble on) and Blacksauce Kitchen (you know the mile-long line at the farmers market for their biscuits?). And not only have the two teamed up for what promises to be a delicious and unique dinner concept this weekend, but they’ve done it right at the peak of the holiday season. Translation: one meal that we don’t have to cook ourselves. One night when we will not have to wash one dish. One night that we can sit and be served food, rather than chasing after the kids to make sure they’re not throwing theirs all over the floor/couch/guests. In other words: perfect timing.

Pop-Up Hash Bar Tonight at Trohv


Pop Up Hash Bar

catch of the day fish (2)No, not that kind of hash bar. Certainly, the holidays can bring one to the point of needing to unwind, as they say. And though the pop-up hash bar at Trohv this evening is totally legal (we swear), it does promise to take the edge off. After all, if nothing else, doesn’t some home-cooked, delicious comfort food (prepared, of course by someone else) and a cold microbrew sound like just what the doctor ordered these days? Yeah, we thought so. Which is why we say, after work today, get thee straight to Trohv in Hampden for the remedy to all the holiday stress that ails you.

Dooby’s + Blacksauce Kitchen Pop-Up Dinner



catch of the day fish (2)So we’re not allowed to make Dooby’s Coffee an official “Catch of the Day” yet, because it’s still not completely open (it’s open pop-up style around the corner from what will be soon be its permanent location). But in the meantime, we’re just bubbling over with excitement about this new coffee shop that has magically anticipated (and accommodated) everything we’re looking for in an establishment. It opens early. It closes late. They’ve got coffee and beer and wine. It has delicious treats. It has wi-fi. And the owners clearly also have good taste, because they’re already teaming up with Blacksauce Kitchen for a pop-up dinner event on Thursday, September 12.