Bloomberg Makes Longevity Play With $300M Gift to Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

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100929_michael_bloomberg_face_ap_328Michael Bloomberg’s name is already on Johns Hopkins’ School of Public Health. But the billionaire media mogul and former mayor is giving millions more as a way to influence policy beyond East Baltimore.

According to the JHU Hub, Bloomberg Philanthropies is giving $300 million to the school for a new initiative aimed at influencing policy in five areas that are all tied to life expectancy. The Bloomberg American Health Initiative will focus on drug addiction, obesity, gun violence, adolescent health, and environmental threats.

The initiative will include funding for 50 fellows from around the country who will receive Master’s degrees, and research funding for 25 faculty from Hopkins and other universities. It will also establish a $75 million scholarship fund for the Doctor of Public Health program and biennial public health summit.

The gift comes on the 100th anniversary of the school, which was founded as the first independent graduate school of public health in 2016.

“By spreading smart public health strategies that save lives and bringing people together to try new approaches, we can make the same strides in the 21st century against health threats like air pollution, gun violence, and obesity that we did in the 20th century against polio and other infectious diseases,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

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