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Hopkins Joins Initiative to Enroll More Low-Income Students


Johns Hopkins University has jumped into a group of 30 top colleges and universities sporting high graduation rates that will aim to enroll and graduate tens of thousands more students from humble beginnings.

Bloomberg Makes Longevity Play With $300M Gift to Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


100929_michael_bloomberg_face_ap_328Michael Bloomberg’s name is already on Johns Hopkins’ School of Public Health. But the billionaire media mogul and former mayor is giving millions more as a way to influence policy beyond East Baltimore.

Cancer Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Biden, Bloomberg, and Hopkins

Joe Biden & Michael Bloomberg
Joe Biden & Michael Bloomberg

Vice President Joe Biden was in town yesterday to celebrate the opening of Johns Hopkins’s new Bloomberg–Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Bloomberg Can’t Stop Funding New Centers at Johns Hopkins



Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a problem: He can’t seem to stop giving Johns Hopkins money. By 2013, Bloomberg had already given or promised more than $1 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) to his alma mater… and he hasn’t slowed down.

Meet Johns Hopkins’ First Bloomberg Professors

Greider, Agre, Edin; photo via Hopkins Gazette
Greider, Agre, Edin; photo via Hopkins Gazette

Remember how Michael Bloomberg gave Johns Hopkins a zillion dollars? (Okay, I’m exaggerating – it was actually only $1 billion.) Anyway, part of the money was earmarked to create special “Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships,” which would encourage academics to explore and collaborate across disciplines. The university just announced the first three scholars to get the job, and they seem like a pretty impressive bunch:

Johns Hopkins is Halfway to $4.5 Billion



It wasn’t so long ago that Johns Hopkins announced its intentions of raising $4.5 billion by 2017, its biggest-ever fundraising effort. (Here’s how the school plans to spend that money.) Well, we’re four years away from 2017, and the school has just announced that it’s halfway there — as of early November, 162,000 donors had pledged a total of $2.25 billion to Hopkins.

How to Write a Book on Gun Violence in 14 Days



Publishing a book at the Johns Hopkins Press usually takes about 10 months — and that’s once the book is already finished. Earlier this year, though, the Press tackled something of a rush job:  putting together a full, scholarly book in two weeks to go along with the world-class Summit on Reducing Gun Violence in America — itself a swift response to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which took place a mere two months ago.

C-Student Makes Good: Michael Bloomberg Donates $1 Billion to Hopkins



Michael Bloomberg is pretty much the ideal alumnus. He’s rich (like, multibillionaire-rich), powerful (mayor of New York City), and if he’s not handsome (sorry, Mike!), he makes up for it by being loyal. So loyal, in fact, that he has given more than a billion dollars to Johns Hopkins — the largest-ever gift to a single educational institution. So how can Hopkins (or other schools) find their next Bloombergs? Step one:  don’t ignore the C-students.

Debating Gun Violence with Martin O’Malley, Mike Bloomberg, and All of Twitter


Yesterday was day one of Johns Hopkins’ big-deal gun policy summit (and also the one-month anniversary of the Newtown shootings), and it was marked by some big-deal events:  Michael Bloomberg calling for gun trafficking to be made a felony, and Governor O’Malley announcing his plan for sweeping new gun control laws for Maryland. The summit’s attendees (as well as those watching from home via the live webcast) had strong reactions to the various expert opinions about how to reduce gun violence in the United States. Some of the most intriguing reactions are below. Did you watch? What did you think?