Johns Hopkins is Halfway to $4.5 Billion

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It wasn’t so long ago that Johns Hopkins announced its intentions of raising $4.5 billion by 2017, its biggest-ever fundraising effort. (Here’s how the school plans to spend that money.) Well, we’re four years away from 2017, and the school has just announced that it’s halfway there — as of early November, 162,000 donors had pledged a total of $2.25 billion to Hopkins.

If you don’t feel like doing the math, I’ll do it for you — that’s an average donation of $13,888.88 per person. Of course, when you have million-dollar donors like Michael Bloomberg and T. Boone Pickens, that probably skews those averages a bit; the university noted that 262 donors had given at least $1 million, and 28 very generous folks had given $10 million or more.

“This is a significant milestone on a journey to realize our vision of what Johns Hopkins can be and what it can do for humanity,” Johns Hopkins President Ronald Daniels said, making a slightly grandiose case for why folks should donate to the school. “We are grateful that so many thousands of benefactors share that vision with our faculty, physicians, students, caregivers, and staff.”

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  1. That’s impressive — I have a question — is the money just for Johns Hopkins University? Or is it for the medical school/hospital as well? I know the hospital was trying to dig out of a bit of an economic hole a year or so ago. Just wondering…

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