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Pride of Baltimore II Seeks Funding Amid Financial Shortfall

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The group that oversees the Pride of Baltimore II, a wooden tall ship that hosts educational programs and serves as an ambassador to the city, announced it is “at a financial crossroads” and will have to dock the vessel during sailing season unless $230,000 is raised by March.

Johns Hopkins is Halfway to $4.5 Billion



It wasn’t so long ago that Johns Hopkins announced its intentions of raising $4.5 billion by 2017, its biggest-ever fundraising effort. (Here’s how the school plans to spend that money.) Well, we’re four years away from 2017, and the school has just announced that it’s halfway there — as of early November, 162,000 donors had pledged a total of $2.25 billion to Hopkins.

Former Paypal Exec Joins GiveCorps as CEO

Vince Talbert
Vince Talbert

On the eve of its second anniversary, Baltimore-based startup GiveCorps has added Vince Talbert as CEO. E-commerce expert and co-founder of tech-giant Bill Me Later, Talbert was instrumental in its $1B sale to PayPal in 2008. He brings unmatched e-commerce expertise to the higher education-focused giving platform.

Over recent decades, higher education institutions nationwide have struggled to maintain alumni giving, with participation falling from 20% during the 1980’s to 9%* today. GiveCorps is positioned to move higher education beyond crowdfunding with a cloud-based giving platform that allows colleges and universities to match donor passions with real funding needs for the first time.

How Johns Hopkins Plans to Spend Its Billions

It takes a lot of bake sale cookies to make $4.5 billion...
It takes a lot of bake sale cookies to make $4.5 billion…

This weekend, Johns Hopkins president Ronald Daniels announced that the university is launching its biggest fundraising effort yet, with a goal of amassing $4.5 billion by 2017 in order to “advance human knowledge, solve global problems, and enhance the student experience.” In other words, it wants to go on a giant institutional shopping spree.

Making A Difference: Students Supply Supplies To Local School in Need

From left: Hope for Highlands student representatives Sam Giddings, Key School; Ridge Porter, St. Mary’s; and Anuj Khandelwal, Gilman, center.

Imagine sending your kids to school on the first day of the new academic year without any supplies: no backpack, no pencils, nothing. At Baltimore Highlands Elementary School in Lansdowne, this scenario is a reality for too many students. When Gilman senior Anuj Khandelwal first learned about the needs of the students who attended a school that’s about 10 miles from his own—but a world apart in many respects—he staunchly refused to accept that it was okay.

Anuj’s decision to reach out to the Baltimore elementary school had nothing to do with a community service requirement. In fact, when he initiated the wildly successful fundraising project dubbed “Hope for Highlands” to raise money for the students’ school supplies, he had already met and exceeded his 50-hour service graduation requirement. But, as Anuj has since proven, his community service work was only just beginning.

Baltimore County Wants to Sell You This Fire Station. Or This Elementary School. Maybe a Police Station?

The Towson Fire Station is for sale; equipment presumably not included. Photo by Tyler Waldman.

Personally, I’d probably opt for the fire station — you could slide down the fire pole to your heart’s content! Either way, if you’ve long dreamed of owning a piece of municipal Baltimore, now’s your chance:  Baltimore County is planning to raise money by selling police and fire stations, as well as an elementary school.

Competitive Sushi Eating for a Good Cause: Tonight at RA Sushi


Competitive eating is hard work.

Alex Fili is Baltimore’s bread pudding eating champion; Peter Jackson is a competitive sushi eater who also happens to be a local social entrepreneur and vice president of GiveCorps. Tonight, the two competitive eaters will attempt to stuff as much sushi in their mouths as possible — all for a good cause. Oh, and there’s free sushi for you, too, if you stop by…

Baltimore Women Take on a “Crazy” Bike Ride for Charity


Most weeks, Lee Daugherty wakes up and heads to Johns Hopkins where she’s on faculty and conducts research on disaster planning. But next week, her days will be spent a little differently. Daugherty, along with 10 teammates, will be riding all the way across the state of Maryland — a total of 365 miles — to raise money for charity projects in Malawi and Cambodia. “We’re willing to do something a little crazy,” Daugherty says. “Because that’s how important it is.”

The Kennedy Family’s Latest Star Makes an Appearance at Aunt Kathleen’s Ruxton Home

Does he look like a Kennedy or what??

Yesterday evening former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend hosted a fundraiser for her godson Joseph P. Kennedy III, the 31-year-old son of her brother Joe Kennedy II. The family’s latest rising star, a former Peace Corps volunteer and Massachusetts prosecutor, is running for the congressional seat vacated by the irascible Barney Frank.

Obviously, the Stanford and Harvard Law-educated Kennedy is not a Marylander (you would have heard of him by now), nonetheless his aunt was able to draw all the important politicos: Governor Martin O’Malley, Congressman John Sarbanes, former Senator Joe Tydings and old family friend (and the man who introduced the candidate’s parents, according to Townsend) Tommy Caplan and more.  Governor O’Malley made mention of the likelihood that many in the audience would also be at the Baltimore Hyatt Regency fundraiser today for President Obama, which he added, “makes for an exciting — and expensive — week in Maryland!”  The crowd was unfazed: Aunt Kathleen’s event raised over $65,000 for young Joe.