Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory has written a scathing opinion about Constellation Energy head Mayo Shattuck. Why has Shattuck caught his attention? The writer has had his own gripes with Boston’s energy/utilities chief, NStar CEO Tom May.

An excerpt:

“I may have implied that Tom May could very well be the most overpaid executive in Boston, given that he works in a government-regulated industry in which his ‘customers’ have no real choice where they get their electricity or natural gas…I have since learned about an energy/utility executive with strong Boston ties who makes even more than Tom May of NStar and is far less impressive. I’m sorry, but who in their right mind could ever have imagined this?

His name is Mayo Shattuck III, and when the authoritative book about the absurd income disparities that have come to dominate America in the early 2000s is written, his smiling face will almost certainly be on the cover.”


He goes on to compare the two and concludes he’ll stick with May and “hold the Mayo.”

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2 replies on “Boston Globe Slams Mayo Shattuck”

  1. Mayo S. destroys anything he oversees to his own opportunistic benefit. He ruined Alex Brown for Baltimore Maryland and now he is destroying Constellation Energy at the expense of Maryland consumers. He is the modern “robber baron”.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Anonymous! Mayo is very good at making money for himself at the expense of our community. That’s it. He’s wrecked havoc in Baltimore since he arrived. I know, let’s send him to Pittsburgh! Nah, they have enough trouble.

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