A 30-year veteran of the retail industry, you might say that Robin Cohen knows versatile women’s fashion. She recently debuted her first Baltimore-area store Boutique W at Green Spring Station. Her business inspiration? A firm belief that fashion can be both on-trend and affordable.

… and that it should never be boring! (Just check out her Instagram to see what we mean!)

Rather than tell us about her favorite style tips, she showed us. Here are a few of Robin’s favorite late summer/early fall pieces and why she loves them!

Robin Cohen at Boutique W - Green Spring Station


“I love to preview fall this time of year and you are going to see a lot of leather this fall!,” said Robin, showing us her Alisha D. shredded leather necklace. “The Planet jacket is perfect for all year round and even ties in the back.” The lightweight nylon works for chilly air conditioning and crisp early fall mornings mornings. She paired both with a basic black dress that can easily be dressed up or down.

(Black dress by Comfy, necklace Alisha D, and jacket by Planet).

Robin Cohen at Boutique W - Green Spring Station

“I like this outfit because it’s instant attitude!” Robin grinned with an air snap. “Mesh is one of those materials that can be worn all year long, but works especially well in August.” Wear the top over a black tank top and black pants. An ensemble with punch factor.

(Mesh top by Comfy, black pants by Art of Cloth, necklace by Touch of Style).

Robin Cohen at Boutique W - Green Spring Station

“The main reason I love this shirt? No matter how old you get, your shoulders don’t age,” said Robin. “It’s sexy without anything showing.” Another reason to love the shirt? It comes in several colors.

(Top by Comfy, black pants by Planet, necklace by Alisha D).

Robin Cohen at Boutique W - Green Spring Station

“For someone who doesn’t love print, I love this one. It just feels so feminine,” said Robin. The comfortable mesh over cotton dress goes anywhere. Wear with flip flops or heels!

(Dress by Comfy, necklace by Touch of Style).

Robin Cohen at Boutique W - Green Spring Station

“Why do I love this asymmetrical Comfy mesh top when it’s 92 degrees out? Honestly, because it’s a grown-up way to get the crop top look without wearing a crop top.” What you’ll love about the under piece: it’s a Skess. Yes, exactly what you think that is. A versatile piece that can be worn as a strapless dress or a skirt. All you need to pack for a weekend away is the mesh top, tank, jeans, and skess. Multiple outfit combinations. Four key pieces.

(Asymmetrical top by Comfy, skess by Comfy, necklace by Touch of Style).

Boutique W is located at Green Spring Station in Lutherville. They are open Monday – Friday (10 AM – 6 PM, and until 8 PM on Thursdays), and Saturday (10 AM – 5 PM). They’re having an amazing Christmas in July Sale! Enjoy up to 50% off through the end of the month AND earn a $20 gift certificate for every $100 spent! Check out their website for more information.