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Liza Byrd Boutique Moves to the Shops at Kenilworth – Grand Opening, Saturday, October 1

Liza Jarrett
Liza Jarrett, owner and founder of Liza Byrd.

Liza Jarrett, the owner of the women’s clothing boutique Liza Byrd, moves her popular shop from Stevenson Village to the Shops at Kenilworth this Saturday, October 1.

Sidewalk Sale, Back to School & More This Week at Wee Chic!

Kakki Morrison Photography
Kakki Morrison Photography

It’s that time of year for discount shoppers to revel in the glory of a great sale. But have you ever wondered if there is a method to the madness, a strategy behind the “For Sale” signs that flank retail store windows at this time of year?

What’s In Store: Outfits with Attitude from Boutique W


A 30-year veteran of the retail industry, you might say that Robin Cohen knows versatile women’s fashion. She recently debuted her first Baltimore-area store Boutique W at Green Spring Station. Her business inspiration? A firm belief that fashion can be both on-trend and affordable.

Matava Shoes Style: 9 Shoes Every Woman Needs


Shoes Every Woman Should Own - Matava Shoes

Kathy Matava is a shoe connoisseur. Her store, Matava Shoes at Green Spring Station has a stunning collection of thoughtfully curated footwear — at every price point. The one thing you’ll never find there? A shoe that comprises on quality or style.  Kathy and her knowledgeable team can find you the perfect shoes to compliment your ensemble for whatever the occasion — date night, wedding, power meeting, lunch with the girls, or running to the soccer field.

Trillium and Sima Blue: Keeping Charm City Fashionable for 25 Years


Trillium and Sima Blue: Keeping Charm City Fashionable for 25 Years -

Sima Blue was turning 50 and life, as it happens, was evolving. She was running the men’s personal shopping department at Macy’s and feeling like she needed a change. She mentioned to a friend that if she was ever looking for help at her boutique, to give her a call.

Her friend called the next day. They went to breakfast the day after that.

“I asked her if she wanted help managing the store. No. Did she want help in the store? No. So I finally asked her, what are you looking for. Know what she said? I’m looking for you to buy my store,” said Sima.

Three Spring Hair Styles from UNO the Salon


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d add especially when it comes to hair styling.

Why Misha Gilkas from Misha & Co. Should Be Your Best Friend


What's In Store: Misha & Co. at Green Spring Station

It might be quiet and serene when you enter Misha & Co’s showroom, but behind the big glass “M” monogrammed door  it’s classic rock and roll as Misha Gilkas and his team work. That is, of course, where all that glitters is gold, sliver, diamonds, rubies, and more.

Every Wedding Invitation Tells a Story


We all know that a picture is worth 1000 words. But did you know the wedding invitation you receive in the mail has just as much to say?

No, it’s not just a piece of paper.

Hannah Rodewald, owner of The Pleasure of Your Company at Green Spring Station, has helped thousands of area brides-to-be (and their moms and grooms-to-be) design their invitations. As you can imagine, styles and trends have evolved over the last 30 years she has been in the stationery business.

Every Invitation Tells a Story at The Pleasure of Your Company

One thing has remained the same: the wedding invitation sets the tone for the entire wedding celebration. Whether the couple chooses ecru linen with gold script or navy stock with modern typeface, it tells a story about the event — and the couple.

“Oh, the stories we could tell about weddings!” winked Hannah. But she doesn’t. She’s a professional.

… but she did share a few stories behind some of her favorite invitation designs.

What’s In Store: Bijoux Jewels at Green Spring Station


What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring Station

Renee Wilson has been in the jewelry business for over 25 years — first managing Heirloom Jewels and now as owner/proprietor of Bijoux Jewels in Green Spring Station.

As one who appreciates the finer things in life (she and her staff just celebrated their 10th annual blintz caviar and champagne day), Renee believes that each piece in her shop must be special, beautiful, superbly crafted, and wearable.

What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring Station

“Jewelry stills thrills me and I love to see it thrill others!” said Renee.

She showed us five of her favorite one-of-a-kind pieces currently in store — perfect for last minute gifting! {PS – they are having a 50% off sale!}

What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring StationBijoux Jewels Cherub
Perfect for the Holidays! A Harp Playing Cherub Pendant in 18K Gold with diamonds.

What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring StationBijoux Jewels Diamond Sapphire Ring
Art Deco Style Ring in 14K Gold Filigree with Diamonds and square cut Sapphires.

What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring StationBijoux Jewels Pear Diamond
Made 100 years ago! A very special Edwardian, circa 1915, Filigree Platinum Ring with a pear shaped Diamond and Sapphire accents. What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring StationBijoux Jewels Pearl Diamonds
Fresh Water Baroque Pearl Necklace studded with Diamonds.

What's In Store? Bijoux at Green Spring Station

Bijoux Jewels Purple
For the Ravens Fanatic! A Large Maltese Cross with Amethysts and Pink Sapphires set in 18K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver.