Trillium and Sima Blue: Keeping Charm City Fashionable for 25 Years -

Sima Blue was turning 50 and life, as it happens, was evolving. She was running the men’s personal shopping department at Macy’s and feeling like she needed a change. She mentioned to a friend that if she was ever looking for help at her boutique, to give her a call.

Her friend called the next day. They went to breakfast the day after that.

“I asked her if she wanted help managing the store. No. Did she want help in the store? No. So I finally asked her, what are you looking for. Know what she said? I’m looking for you to buy my store,” said Sima.

A few months later, she owned Trillium at Green Spring Station.

That was 25 years ago… and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

What keeps her going? The creative aspects. The shows in New York. Bringing in new lines. Staying on top of the trends.

“The creative part. It’s really been the most exciting part for me. That and our customers,” said Sima.

You wouldn’t know it if you looked at the store now, but Trillium used to be Charm City’s go-to destination for women’s suits and formal attire. While they still carry an amazing selection of party dresses, the vibe is much more casual and every day.

“That’s what people are wearing now,” said Sima. “The reason the store has done so well is because we know what our customers want and we evolve with our community. You don’t find just anything here. You’ll find the unusual and fabulous.”

Trillium has something for every woman. From career professionals to recent graduates, to grandmas of the bride, to soccer moms.

After her husband died of cancer a few years ago, The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center asked Sima to provide clothes and style its patients for a center-wide fashion show. Out of all of the customer stories she can tell (and with over two decades of interactions, there are definitely some stories), helping the center produce the show was the single most rewarding experience of her career.

“To see these women who had been through so much put on clothes that made them feel whole, and gorgeous. You just can’t imagine what they’ve gone through. They simply lit up,” said Sima.

If you haven’t been before, definitely check out the jewelry. An eclectic mix of European and American designers you won’t find in mainstream stores. And price points for every budget.

After all, as Sima says, accessories really do make your wardrobe.

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  1. Great article. Love it and congratulations for staying in the business for 25 yrs and doing so well.

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