When it comes to kids, these moms mean business.

Opened by Ruxton mom Bridget Quinn Stickline in 2008, Wee Chic Boutique at Green Spring Station has grown from a 1,000 square foot kid’s clothing store to a 3,000 square foot destination for all things kids from baby to tween — clothing, gifts, toys, and gear.

The powerhouse team behind the brand? Local moms. Some are just starting out on the parenthood journey, others are veterans. Among the team members, they have 8 kids, from one month-old to 16 years old. But when a customer walks through the door and needs anything from a swaddle blanket to “non itchy” pants with an adjustable waist, he or she is greeted with a smile and life experience.


“Wee Chic happened because I became a mom,” said Bridget. “I spent the first 15 years of my fashion career in the women’s market. When Elizabeth (Ellie) was born, she inspired me to look at a whole new industry. Being her mom made me better at the job, better able to advise clients and select products. It was natural, as we grew, to seek out other people to join the team with kids in their lives that could offer new perspectives and better the entire concept.”

Ellie fully expects to work at Wee Chic one day but hopes to have her own business in the future, a French bakery. You might think she’s a literal kid in a candy — er, fashion — store but mom and daughter have an arrangement, Elle has to earn money for the things she wants to buy at Wee Chic (although she does get the team discount).

“It’s important to me that Elle learns that although the store is a lot of fun, really hard work from an entire team of people goes into making it fun. I want her to have appreciation for that effort.”

New mom Kate Frankton was still expecting her daughter Stella James when we photographed her for this article. She giddily shared some of her registry items. Yes! Wee Chic does personalized gift registries for new babies and birthdays.

“My favorite baby item?” asked Kate Frankton. “The Beastie Boys t-shirt and tutu. Stella will be rocking it!”

(Just an aside… we’re waiting for the  Instagram photo, Kate!) 


“I love coming to work because of the people,” said Michelle Wilkes, pictured here with her daughter Isa. “The clients and the team I work with, everyone is just so great.”Isa likes that she gets to be the first to sneak a peek at new merchandise or give an opinion on new lines. The kids of Wee Chic take their jobs seriously, too.Not all who assume the mom role have kids of their own. Kelsea Griesser is a devoted aunt to her niece Parker. Parker has her own stylist AND  an aunt who knows all of the “cool” gifts. You know. The unicorn hair kit, quippy onesie, or scented emoji pillow.



“We laugh that we can relate on all levels of parenting,” said Bridget. “We love working with soon-to-be parents that are out ‘nesting’ and learning all about baby stuff for the first time. We love scouting t-shirts for the the mom of a toddler that has decided he will no longer wear anything that isn’t red. The mom of a tween who thinks her mother is persona non grata when it comes to picking out her outfits? We empathize. A mom whose child has tactile sensitivities that make getting dressed a huge fight all the time…. these are our people.”
It’s that dedication to all area moms that led Wee Chic to partner with Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging to spread awareness about early breast cancer detection and the power of 3D mammograms.
For every share their awareness posts on Facebook get until November 9th, Wee Chic will donate $1 to the Johns Hopkins Breast Imaging Innovation Fund. You can help by SHARING NOW.