How do you best educate boys and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century? That’s a question more than 600 educators from around the world have gathered at Boys’ Latin to explore as part of the 2017 International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) Annual Conference. The conference theme, “Beyond Innovation: Creativity, Discovery, and Engagement,” gives attendees the chance to take an in-depth look on how educators can enhance the education, well-being, and development of boys worldwide.

With a plethora of guest speakers, workshops and interactive discussions, the conference gives participants the chance to hear from a wide range of experts, including:

  • Wes Moore, executive director of the Robin Hood Foundation, veteran, youth advocate and author of The Other Wes Moore;

  • Joe Ehrmann, former NFL player, pastor and speaker; and

  • Andrew Reiner, author, scholar and Towson University lecturer, whose column, “Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls,” was recently published in The New York Times.

In addition, six Boys’ Latin faculty members will present workshops and research as a part of the conference. Debi Krulak, Lower School Technology Coordinator, and Third Grade Teacher Rudy Hurley, are partnering to present a workshop called “Cross-Curricular Collaboration + Creative Projects = Engaged Readers.” Lower School Learning Specialist Stephanie Mckew will be a co-presenter for “Visual Vocabulary: Engage Them with Critical Thinking Instead of Memorization,” which will teach attendees methods for engaging students in experiential, visual vocabulary instruction. Upper School Physics teacher Diane Rodriguez will present “15 Phun Physics Activities in 60 Minutes,” in which she’ll demonstrate labs that use household materials and lead attendees in these activities. Third grade teacher Rebecca Giordano Dreisbach, along with a co-presenter from the Browning School in New York,  will lead a discussion on “The Role of Women in Boys’ Schools.”

PMIn addition, Dreisbach and Upper School Math Teacher Molly Mullally have both undertaken research on collaborative learning for the IBSC’s Action Research Team. Ms. Mullally’s work is entitled “Using Intentional Group Reflection and Discussion to Foster Confidence and Positive Attitudes Toward Mathematics for 12th Grade Boys.” Ms. Giordano will present “Participating in Collaborative Problem Solving Activities in Mathematics to Develop Resilience in Third Grade Boys.”

For more information about the conference, click here.

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