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James Myers is committed to building a better community. A resident of Fallstaff in Northwest Baltimore City, he enjoys living in a multi-cultural environment with Jewish, African-American and Latinx neighbors.

Myers believes that the more each neighbor understands the “other,” the closer and more sustainable the community will be. That’s why this African-American gentleman participates in a Roundtable every other month, organized by CHAI, CASA of Maryland and the Fallstaff Improvement Association, bringing Latinx, African-American and Jewish neighbors together to increase cultural awareness among one another.

Over the years, CHAI, an agency of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, has been committed to building understanding across racial, ethnic and religious lines. Roundtables inspire conversations that lead to better understanding … Multi-cultural Nights, offered through the Fallstaff Multi-Cultural Organizing Project, showcase Jewish, African-American and Latinx culture to neighbors using food, native dress, books and art.

“We are breaking down boundaries and getting people into a room to build better neighborhoods,” says Rachel Elliott, CHAI’s Vice President of Community Development.

Last spring, Stanley Fishkind organized a Shabbat dinner for Jewish, Latinx and African-American residents in the Fallstaff neighborhood. Over a dinner of roasted chicken, challah and gefilte fish, he provided them with a “taste of our Jewish customs and community.”

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