While the Democratic Party devotes its immediate attention to re-electing President Barack Obama in 2012, the Dems also are engaged in long-term strategizing regarding potential presidential candidates for the 2016 race. How else to explain the marquee positioning (see photo) of a beaming Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley during Obama’s recent $447 billion jobs initiative speech before a joint session of Congress. You can bet that MOM’s spotlighted placement directly behind First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Jill Biden did not occur randomly.

Even before the 2010 midterm election that heralded the wholesale repudiation of Democrats in Congress, governors’ mansions, and state legislatures nationwide, Dem Party apparatchiks openly bandied around O’Malley’s name as a post-Obama presidential possibility. That election merely served to burnish his golden-boy status. Not only did O’Malley emerge as one of the Democrats’ few 2010 winners, he trounced his Republican opponent, former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, by 14 percentage points.

Young (now 48), conventionally handsome, and just a hair left-of-center politically, with an attractive wife and a brood of wholesome-looking kids, O’Malley possesses a peck of the attributes that Democrats cherish in a White House hopeful. Already, he commanded national media coverage and party prestige as chair of the Democratic Governors Association – his ascent to that post seemed carefully choreographed – and now comes his gilded televised moment within hugging distance of Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden. Expect continued high-visibility sightings in the ensuing years leading up to the 2016 campaign. Could MOM be Dems’ anointed one?

3 replies on “Can You Say President O’Malley?”

  1. A hair left of center?? More like WAY left of center nationally- Maybe in MD he would be considered a hiar left of center…..

  2. Are you kidding me? O’Malley is a liberal. He makes Obama look like a Bill Clinton Democrat

    O’Malley is also an empty suite and everyone knows it nationally. The only reason he beat Ehrlich is that Maryland is 20% African American and the state has more Government employee’s than any other state in the nation as a % of the population.

    He also has raised taxes every time he could and if you haven’t figured it out, taxes are not very popular in most of the other 49 States.

    It is pretty clear to me that you NO NOTHING ABOUT POLITICS!

  3. Re: the Anonymous comment: Well, yes, many voters in Wyoming, South Carolina, and other states that traditionally vote Republican in national elections likely would consider O’Malley “way left of center,” as you suggest — more accurately, just to the right of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The rest of U.S. voters — those in states that traditionally vote Democratic in national elections — would deem him a left-leaning moderate.

    Re: the Miles Long comment “O’Malley makes Obama look like a Bill Clinton Democrat”: Balderdash. O’Malley, in fact, is no more liberal than the last handful of Democratic Party presidential nominees: Mike Dukakis, first term Clinton (he moved to the center for his 1996 re-election campaign), Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. As for the wildly ridiculous taxes assertion: Read a newspaper once in a while. Taxes have not increased since the General Assembly special session early in O’Malley’s first term. To balance the books since then, he has slashed spending.

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