SNL Spoofs Carson’s Endorsement of Trump

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Jay Pharoah and Darryl Hammond,..
Jay Pharoah and Darrell Hammond.

Ben Carson got roughed up at a Trump rally. Well, not the real Ben Carson.

Saturday Night Live used Ben Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary as an excuse to lampoon the former neurosurgeon once again with cast member Jay Pharoah¬†reprising his sleepy take on Carson.

The sketch highlights the awkwardness of Carson and Trump making nice after trading brutal insults on the campaign trail.

“And sure, we’ve had our polite disagreements,” Pharoah’s Carson concedes. “I questioned his knowledge on healthcare, and he called me a psycho and a child molester.” (It’s funny because it’s true — he did.)

After cutting to a bit with Larry David as Bernie Sanders, the sketch returns to Carson and Trump. Carson’s been attacked by angry Trump supporters “who mistook him for a protester,” so he’s icing his face with a “Trump” steak.

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