As Wee Chic’s 2013 Little Character’s search continues, we thought we’d catch up with another of last year’s kids (and his mom) for advice and encouragement for those submitting photos this year. Meet Ian, one of 2012’s Little Characters– a charming kid from Pikesville, MD, and his mom, Jill.

BFB: So how was it to be part of Little Characters last year?

Jill Dannenfelser: The photo shoot was really fun! Ian had a ball modeling the clothes and enjoyed making new friends…We were invited to be part of a couple fashion shows and he really liked doing that.  He was able to dance to the music and wear some pretty cool clothes.

BFB: Any words of advice for parents submitting photos of their children this year?

Jill: Just good luck!  The experience is a blast!

BFB: What caused you to participate in the Little Characters search last year?

Jill: One of our friends was a Little Character the year before and we decided to give it a try this year!

BFB: Ian, can you tell us  one of your favorite local places to go for a special treat or event? Something you’d recommend to other kids?

Ian: M and T Bank Stadium.
Jill: We are diehard RAVENS fans and Ian loves going to the stadium.  He is also a big fan of Port Discovery and the zoo!

For more information about the Little Characters Search, or to submit photos of your child, click here.