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Annapolis Irish Festival


Irish Festival

catch of the day fish (2)We don’t usually hear much about celebrations of Irish culture outside of the few weeks before and after St.Patrick’s day. So it must be the luck of the Irish that’s bringing us the Annapolis Irish Festival next weekend. It’s a chance to celebrate all things Irish at (surprise) the only festival of its kind in the region. And this festival is no small potatoes—you can enjoy traditional Celtic music and rock bands on three different stages, along with workshops and exhibits throughout the festival. It wouldn’t be a proper Irish festival without plenty of beef stew and other Irish delicacies, either.

Event of the Day: Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery at the Maryland Science Center


From the Baltimore Fishbowl events page…

Repeats every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 09/02/2013
10:00am – 5:00pm

Maryland Science Center

Great Scott! A terrible crime has been committed at the Maryland Science Center and visitors powers of deduction are needed to solve it! Opening May 25, the newest travelling exhibit, Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery, will transport visitors back in time to Victorian London to solve this baffling thriller with the help of none other than the pipe-touting, hunting cap-wearing detective himself: the infamous Sherlock Holmes.

To get to the bottom of this whodunit, visitors deductive reasoning will be tested as they move through the eight chapters of the exhibit, aided by written guides complete with a map and space for recording clues and suspects. Visitors will learn the important process of thorough research based on logic as they work with physical evidence riddled throughout the exhibit eventually leading to a dramatic finale.

Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery admission and activities are free with paid admission to the Maryland Science Center. The Maryland Science Center is located at 601 Light Street at Baltimores Inner Harbor. For information and ticket prices, visit www.marylandsciencecenter.org or call the 24-Hour Information Line at 410-685-5225.

Catching Up with Last Year’s Little Characters



As Wee Chic’s 2013 Little Character’s search continues, we thought we’d catch up with another of last year’s kids (and his mom) for advice and encouragement for those submitting photos this year. Meet Ian, one of 2012’s Little Characters– a charming kid from Pikesville, MD, and his mom, Jill.

BFB: So how was it to be part of Little Characters last year?

Jill Dannenfelser: The photo shoot was really fun! Ian had a ball modeling the clothes and enjoyed making new friends…We were invited to be part of a couple fashion shows and he really liked doing that.  He was able to dance to the music and wear some pretty cool clothes.

BFB: Any words of advice for parents submitting photos of their children this year?

Jill: Just good luck!  The experience is a blast!

BFB: What caused you to participate in the Little Characters search last year?

Jill: One of our friends was a Little Character the year before and we decided to give it a try this year!

BFB: Ian, can you tell us  one of your favorite local places to go for a special treat or event? Something you’d recommend to other kids?

Ian: M and T Bank Stadium.
Jill: We are diehard RAVENS fans and Ian loves going to the stadium.  He is also a big fan of Port Discovery and the zoo!

For more information about the Little Characters Search, or to submit photos of your child, click here.

Tagalong Time at the Irvine Nature Center



catch of the day fish (2)You know that occasional occurrence when suddenly, in the middle of winter, you see an insect? And then you realize that you haven’t seen one in a really long time? Because bugs just kind of disappear once it get cold and then seem to hitch a ride with the first robin of spring and show up once it’s nice out again? It’s odd, how we can just forget all about bugs for months at a time. Kind of sad, really. Now, the message here is not “Embrace the Bugs!” No. But for young children, bugs are often one of nature’s most fascinating creations. They’re complex, scary, other-worldy, and also, smaller than them. They can be kept in mayonnaise jars and examined, and then let go with little emotional anguish. If your kid has any of the nature explorer in them, but you don’t personally feel up to going bug hunting in winter, why not sign up for the Irvine Nature Center’s Tagalong Series?