Station North

Police arrest woman accused of setting a bunch of cars on fire in Mount Vernon and Station North

A car on fire in the 1000 block of N. Charles Street. Still from Instagram video posted by user yflicker.

Baltimore police have identified and arrested a woman who they say lit more than half a dozen cars on fire around Station North and Mount Vernon last night, a spree that Acting Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle said they believe was a “truly random act” of destruction.

Event Pick: A panel on #MeToo, preceded by a concert

Image via Facebook.

#MeToo stories may not dominate the headlines the way they did in 2017, but misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual assault and abuse no doubt persist despite the national attention brought to these issues a year ago.

Tonight, a group of activists, writers and artists will gather to share stories and discuss the past, present and future of the movement to end misogyny, particularly with the General Assembly gearing up for the next session in 2019.

Per the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime, making tonight’s discussion incredibly relevant regardless of the shifts in media attention.

The Bell Foundry sells for $725,000, ‘urban living’ complex planned

Photo by Eli Pousson, via Flickr

Once a thriving DIY arts space in Station North, before its tenants were abruptly evicted and the building was condemned by the city over code violations in December 2016, the Bell Foundry building has now been sold to developers to be built into an “urban living” complex.

With court battle ongoing, liquor board delays Baltimore Eagle hearing until January

Attorneys and others appear before the Baltimore City Liquor Board for the Baltimore Eagle’s license transfer hearing. Photo by Ed Gunts.

The Baltimore Eagle isn’t going to fly until January at the earliest.

Event Pick: Piece together a fun night at the Jigsaw JAM

Photo by Tobias Klenze via Wikimedia Commons.

A friend recently said, “The secret to a happy marriage is lots of jigsaw puzzles.” There’s a bit more to it than that, I imagine, but it is pretty satisfying to have a completed puzzle on the table after meticulously working to find out how all the pieces connect.

Or, as the event description for tonight’s Jigsaw JAM at Windup space dramatically describes it, “bring ORDER to CHAOS.” Yes, we could all use the zen that comes from putting together a jigsaw puzzle in this crazy, messed-up world–especially as the holiday season looms.

Baltimore Eagle owners seek to keep liquor license in the family, future of the club remains murky

Photo by Ed Gunts

The recently shuttered Baltimore Eagle, one of the city’s largest LGBTQ-friendly nightclubs, will take a step toward reopening under new management if the city’s liquor board approves an application to transfer the liquor license for the property.

Andre Mazelin leaves post as Motor House’s artistic director

Andre Mazelin, Motor House’s new managing director. Photo via BARCO.

After a little more than a year of serving as creative leader of the Baltimore Arts Realty Corporation-owned Motor House arts space in Station North, Andre Mazelin has left his post as its artistic director.

Made in Baltimore pop-up shop returns to Station North tomorrow, this time for five months

The outside of this year’s Made in Baltimore pop-up shop in Station North. Photo courtesy of Andy Cook.

An annual tradition celebrating Baltimore’s homemade goods returns tomorrow, with the opening of the Made in Baltimore pop-up shop in Station North. And in this go-round, the store will be open for nearly half a year.

Event Pick: A funky masquerade party at Joe Squared

Event artwork by Aminah Shourbaji, via Facebook

Summer is over, and the Autumnal Equinox is ushering in all the trappings of fall—pumpkins and fake seasonal produce lining front porches, sweaters and flannel, etc.—as well as (no, it’s not too early) Halloween. The organizers of a party tonight at Joe Squared are celebrating the changing of the seasons with a funky masquerade party.

Calling all Baltimore Storytellers


SSaul Zaentz Innovation Fund

The Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund at Johns Hopkins has recently announced the opening of the latest round of applications to its groundbreaking program to help build a thriving film and media community in Baltimore.