Station North

Calling all Baltimore Storytellers


SSaul Zaentz Innovation Fund

The Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund at Johns Hopkins has recently announced the opening of the latest round of applications to its groundbreaking program to help build a thriving film and media community in Baltimore.

Event Pick: Celebrate Sound Garden’s 25th with a double feature of record store movies


In the age of iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, a large retail space dedicated to physical music feels like an anachronism. And yet that’s just what we have in the Sound Garden, the Fells Point record store now celebrating its 25th year in business. During a tumultuous time for record stores, Sound Garden has adapted, bringing DVDs and Blu-Rays into the fold and growing its selection of vinyl as the format has come back in full force.

Event Pick: Antonio McAfee’s latest show reinterpreting African-American portraiture opens in Station North

Image via Facebook, courtesy of Antonio McAfee/ICA Gallery

It was 118 years ago that black sociological pioneers W.E.B. DuBois and Thomas Calloway presented a new face for the African-American to the world, showcasing a series of studio portraits of the black middle class from Georgia at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair. In the 21st century, local photographer Antonio McAfee is putting a new face on their time-honored work here in Baltimore through a series of transformations—first through colored holograms, and now through abstract collage.

Event Pick: Animal Collective member Deakin plays a solo set at the Parkway

Deakin. Image via Facebook.

There’s a lot going on right now for Animal Collective, the psych-pop band with roots in Baltimore County, as the group prepares the release of “Tangerine Reef,” an audiovisual album set to “slow pans across surreal aquascapes of naturally fluorescent coral.” Per Rolling Stone, it was recorded here in Baltimore, at a studio where Josh Dibb, aka Deakin, works.

Event pick: Super City releases a new video, plays with a packed lineup at Motor House

Super City, via press handout

There’s still about a month to go before five-piece indie rock outfit Super City drops the much-anticipated “Sanctuary,” the band’s successor to their 2015 debut album “Again Weekend.” But fans of the genre-melding group have already gotten a taste of what’s to come with the promising fuzzed-out, hypnotic title track.

Hogan campaign office opening in old bank building in Station North

Photo by Ethan McLeod

With three months to go before Election Day, incumbent Gov. Larry Hogan is opening up a Baltimore campaign office at a prominent corner in Station North.

The Baltimore Eagle reopens, though former operators question legality of owners resuming business

Photo by Brandon Weigel

Just as quickly as it closed, the Baltimore Eagle reopened late last week under the same ownership, but new management. While the bar was back up and pouring drinks on Thursday, one day after its former operators, 4 Crazy Guys, abruptly packed up and shut it down, owner Ian Parrish says it wasn’t until Friday that they drew a small crowd.

Event Pick: The Baltimore Improv Festival begins

Image via Facebook

Off-the-cuff comedy is an art, one that requires adaptability, a keen awareness of the audience and endless creativity from an improv performer. And Baltimore has no shortage of these impressive artists, many of whom host their own shows and teach workshops under the umbrella of the Baltimore Improv Group, or BIG for short.

Iconic leather bar the Baltimore Eagle has closed amid alleged business disputes

Photo by Brandon Weigel

Baltimore Eagle, the storied leather bar that got a second life in 2017 after an extensive renovation, ceased operations last night, according to a post on the club’s website.

The Parkway launches a retrospective series of Stanley Kubrick films for his 90th birthday

A still from “Spartacus” (1960), via The Parkway Theatre

“Anyone who has ever been privileged to direct a film also knows that, although it can be like trying to write ‘War and Peace’ in a bumper car in an amusement park, when you finally get it right, there are not many joys in life that can equal the feeling.”

Stanley Kubrick made this analogy while accepting the Directors Guild of America’s most prestigious honor, the D.W. Griffith Award, in 1997, two years before his death.