Membership Poll: Should Governor Larry Hogan run for president?

Still via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Last week, we asked Baltimore Fishbowl members whether they think Governor Larry Hogan should run for president in an online poll. Pundits, pollsters and newspapers editorial boards have recently mentioned the two-term moderate Republican as a possible challenger to President Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

What Baltimore loses if the BSO is forced to cut its schedule

Photo by Maryland GovPics on Flickr.

This is just the beginning, the first blip on a slippery slope whose ending is all too foreseeable.

On Nov. 1, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s board of directors announced its intention to cut the musicians’ employment schedule from 52 weeks to 40, and their salaries by 17 percent. And if that were to happen, it could mark the end of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as any kind of orchestra worth listening to–and possibly, the beginning of the end for other great orchestras in mid-size cities.

Saying “NO” to State Center is Saying “NO” to Baltimore


Our community could only watch as Governor Hogan slipped a last-minute agenda item into the final Board of Public Works’ meeting of 2016, pulling the plug on the State Center Redevelopment Project. With little explanation and no public comment, the State of Maryland flushed a project down the drain, taking a lot more down with it than most realize.

The Future of Owings Mills



Inside the now closed Owings Mills Mall. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Inside the closed Owings Mills Mall. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The Baltimore Business Journal recently convened “The Future of Owings Mills,” a panel discussion with Councilwoman Vicki Almond, Stevenson University president Kevin Manning and real estate developers Brian Gibbons of Greenberg Gibbons, and Howard Brown of David S. Brown Enterprises.

The event, hosted at the Owings Mills Jewish Community Center and attended by area illuminati, cognoscenti, and glitterati (I don’t know what any of these words mean) was billed as: “Owings Mills is not about the dead mall anymore. This Baltimore County suburb is hot.”