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Building a civic life in the time of Trump

Eric Liu Headshot
Liu is the featured speaker at Leadership Howard County Big Event

We know our politics are broken.

We yell at each other on Twitter and trade dark secrets culled from shadowy corners of the web. We live in different realities from each other. The world some of us see on the screen of Fox News is nothing like the world others of us live in daily on MSNBC.

The problems of our polarization and fear have been well-diagnosed. So where are the solutions? Eric Liu has a few.

Q&A: Chef Zack Mills talks oysters, seafood, and creating a menu that celebrates the Chesapeake at True Chesapeake Oyster Co.

True Chesapeake Chef Zack Mills.

Step into the month-old Hampden restaurant True Chesapeake Oyster Co., and you can almost see and taste the Chesapeake Bay. Jay Fleming’s photos of lighthouses floating on the water grace the walls and the color palette contains various shades of blue. Its signature dish makes its way into the design as thousands of crushed oyster shells are featured in the wraparound bar and oyster cages hang near the entrance.

“There are so many vignettes around the restaurant that make me smile,” says Chef and Partner Zack Mills says of the first restaurant in Whitehall Mill, an 18th century mill undergoing restoration by Terra Nova ventures. “When you’re in a building that’s really beautiful, it’s more fun to come to work.”

Get outdoors with al fresco dining and drinking at Baltimore hot spots

Outdoor dining in Baltimore
The patio at Gunther & Co.

More outdoor dining spaces have come on the scene making al fresco dining in Baltimore a highly anticipated summertime treat. Parisians have sidewalk cafes to linger in summer, but Baltimore has hidden rooftops and patios for outdoor dining that you can find in many neighborhoods, from Brewers Hill to Hampden.

Mt. Washington Tavern joins forces with Sagamore Spirit to create Triple Crown Cocktails


Triple Crown Cocktails with Sagamore RyeI was a formerly wary drinker. A glass of seltzer with a splash of white wine, to make a very weak spritzer, was about as strong a drink as I could handle. But I am learning to appreciate the stronger stuff.

And now that I’ve sampled the Mt. Washington Tavern‘s Triple Crown selection of three winning cocktails they’ve prepared to celebrate the month of iconic horse races, I’m hooked on the hard stuff or at least rye.

Traditional vs. hip: Kids’ clothes take a new twist

Hip flower girl
The hip flower girl at home.

My 8-year-old granddaughter served as a flower girl at two weddings last fall.

For her Uncle Dan’s outdoor California wedding she wore a delicate white lace dress with angelic puff sleeves and a ribbon sash. At Uncle Reid’s hipster Hudson, New York wedding, held in a former wheel factory, she marched down the aisle in a black leather motorcycle jacket, a tulle ball skirt, and sequined Converse sneakers.

Two different ideas of “making it work” junior style. 

[email protected]: ArtLab Emphasizes the Important Influence of Art and Creativity in Baltimore City

Labs@LightCity ArtLab
Photo courtesy Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts by Mike Oswald

Innovation LABS at the third annual Light City Baltimore concluded last week, packed with unprecedented access to Baltimore’s movers and shakers, and the nudge to get the city collaborating for change.

Lost fitness goals? Baltimore fitness pros get you back on track


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Rev Logo Winter is coming to an end and for some, so has the commitment to New Year’s resolutions to exercise and eat a more nutritious diet. We start the new year with the best of intentions, but by March, just when bathing suit season looms, we’ve fallen back into old bad habits.

What happened to those good intentions and how do we get back on track?