The life of an Aldi shopper is always intense!
The life of an Aldi shopper is always intense!

If you’re one of those grocery shoppers who consider shelving far too fancy, who prefer to do their own bagging, and who will eat anything if it’s cheap enough, then what you want is an Aldi. And if you live in Catonsville, you’re getting one on February 22 (at 6503 Baltimore National Pike)! 

Even if that doesn’t sound like your kind of grocery experience, you might want to check it out for the cheap dystopian thrill. Seriously, Aldi is one step above the supermarket in Repo Man (or maybe one step below — that place had shelves). Plus, you never know what you’re going to find there. Occasionally, the private label-loving, nearly employee-less chain sells computers. And, you know, they’re pretty cheap.

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  1. Aldi is a fantastic place to shop! I find their private label stuff is just as good if not better than national brands and the price is sometimes half! It may be cheap but the quality is fantastic! Being a shopper of 20+ yrs at Aldi, they have really stepped there game up with labels, product offerings and most of all great employees and beautiful interiors of the store! Save money and shop Aldi!

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