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As a part of a new annual concert membership program, CFG Bank Arena will offer a select number of seats available for lease.

A seat lease is only available to concert members, but anyone can join the membership for a three-year, five-year, or seven-year term. 

Concert members will have priority access to purchasing lower-level tickets for the brand new clubs currently being built in CFG Bank Arena. The three new clubs will have private restrooms, concessions, and access to VIP parking in a garage that’s attached to the arena.

Out of the 13,000 seats of concert space, only 1,000 seats will be tied to the annual concert membership and seat leases.

Unlike M&T Bank Stadium’s permanent seat license, CFG Bank Arena seat leases are not to be sold at the owner’s discretion, according to Heather Shaffer Braue, director of marketing for CFG Bank Arena.

“To ensure local Baltimore businesses and music fans are able to participate in our Concert Membership program, we prohibit public re-sale of tickets as part of our membership,” Braue said. “However, all tickets and parking passes are digital, which allows members to easily transfer tickets to co-workers, clients, family, and friends for any events of their choice.”

The newly renovated CFG Bank Arena will offer a number of premium seating options to elevate the viewing experience. Visitors will also have opportunities to purchase theater boxes or suites. 

Theater boxes will be at the top of the lower-level sideline section and will include four tickets, while suites will feature 16 lower-level sideline seats and a private room within one of the new clubs. 

Both have access to VIP parking, restrooms, concessions, and VIP entry into the arena.

Individuals can go online to pay a deposit and reserve a place in line to select a concert membership option early next year.

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  1. Indoor stadiums and venues are the way to go nowadays and most certainly in the future.
    Too hot, too rainy too iffy weather outdoor music venues might go the way of the dinosaur.
    Different situation for football games.

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