Charm City Cook: Oh For the Love of Figs

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They always seemed a little too exotic for me. Too fancy pants. I didn’t grow up eating things like figs – we were more of a steak and potatoes kind of family. But the older and wiser (yep, I said wiser…) I get, the more I want to try new things. So, when I discovered fig paste, I was intrigued. It was on a cheese plate at The Wine Market with Manchego cheese, honey, toasted baguette slices with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. It was the best flavor combo, so simple and perfect! I was in love. Soon I was buying fresh figs at Trader Joe’s. I found a recipe for fig paste online and made a pint of the sweet and savory goodness, shared it with some friends and it was a hit, so I thought I had to make it again. But this time, I went a little crazy. I filled many, many  jars…and this time, PRESERVED it! (Feeling so domestic, hon.)

I recently posted about canning. It’s so much fun. Here are a few helpful references on both figs and canning:

Successful home canning
Hot water bath canning
Bon Appetit fig recipes and tips
The fig and the wasp

And, some photos of the canning process.

Also, check out this great sandwich – fig, prosciutto, Fontina. Oh em geeee.

Fig tart goodness

Some flavors that love to be with figs:

Cheese (everything from goat to blue)
Crème fraîche

And, because it was there on the curb calling my name, I bought a fig tree at Whole Foods and it has a great sunny spot in the backyard. It’s three years old now and bore teeny tiny fruit this year…can’t wait for next year! The fig tree makes me really happy.

Feed your soul. My soul likes figs.

Amy Langrehr

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