We were sorry to hear yesterday that two Baltimore institutions — Sally Michel and Petit Louis — were in the news for all the wrong reasons: The indefatigable civic leader Mrs. Michel was robbed outside the esteemed French bistro Petit Louis in Roland Park.

After dinner Tuesday night at the restaurant in the 4800 block of Roland Avenue, Sally, founder of the Parks and People Foundation, and her 60-something former principal friend — who prefers not to be named — entered a car parked on the street at about 8:00 p.m. They were then approached by a man demanding their purses. (Despite reports that they were “robbed at gunpoint,” he threatened to have a gun, but never showed it.)  He got one of the ladies’ purses but not the other.

By yesterday afternoon, swarms of police cars, TV crews and reporters descended on the neighborhood responding to the crime. Yet both victims had recovered by then, neither worse for the wear. Michel told The Baltimore Sun, with characteristic pluck, “This is ridiculous, with all the other things going on the city,” she said. “I love that restaurant, and I don’t want it to be damaged. It’s just some little old community volunteer and some little old principal, and we got robbed, and we’re doing fine. I don’t want this damaging the community that I love.”

Sally lives not far from the restaurant and her daughters live in Roland Park too. 

Good thing no one was hurt. Maybe today things will click back to normal. For the sake of all involved, we hope so.

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  1. I know it isn’t the best tactic when faced with a gun threat, but I’m lovin’ that one of the gals refused to give up her purse. Not to be too glib about it, but when faced with the concept of having to rebuild a stolen purse and (worse still) dealing with getting a new license at the DMV, it is arguably worth the risk. So glad no one got hurt and that the experience hasn’t roughed up the spirit of two great ladies! Viva l’ Roland Park!

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