“Consider Baltimore the Next Brooklyn,” Says USA Today

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Woodberry kitchen 1

Baltimore’s burgeoning food scene is not news to locals, but the word is finally getting out. Case in point: This feature in USA Today, highlighting the city’s “culinary renaissance.”

The restaurants mentioned — including beloved Italian market DiPasquale’s; gastropub Brewer’s Art; TV favorite Charm City Cakes; pizza hotspot Joe Squared; and foodie standby Woodberry Kitchen — are mostly tried and true local favorites, though many of them aren’t places that tourists would necessarily stumble on without being pointed in the right direction. USA Today also cites a number of newer restaurants, including hip mezcal-y newcomer Clavel; and Hampden’s new upscale doughnut shop, B. Doughnut.

It’s a fairly thorough list, and one that’s likely to make your stomach start grumbling. It’s also nice to see a major paper writing about Baltimore this week without feeling the need to mention crime, riots, or violence. We are a city of many facets, after all.

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    • If you read the article, it says quite clearly that the list includes cafes, bakeries, doughnut shops, food markets, etc.

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