Delaney Sends Hogan-Shaming Mobile Billboard to Annapolis

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You may want Gov. Larry Hogan to publicly denounce likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. But the ungerrymanderable Rep. John Delaney — who may or may not be interested in governing Maryland at some point — “really, really” wants him to.

Delaney hired a mobile billboard to cruise around Annapolis on Wednesday demanding that Hogan come down one way or another on the not completely un-fascist Trump. One side reads, “GOV. HOGAN: WILL YOU SUPPORT TRUMP AS THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE?” The other side reads, “SILENCE IS AN ENDORSEMENT,” with a catchy little quote from Delaney himself: “‘Because everyone in Maryland will lose if Trump wins.’ — Congressman John Delaney.”

While I’d like to see every prominent Republican explicitly reject Trump’s (and, while they’re at it, Cruz’s) campaign, I don’t think silence implies an endorsement in this case. I think it implies a vain hope that this profoundly awkward situation may blow over without his having to say anything definitive about it.

Also, Delaney, the whole quoting-yourself-on-a-mobile-billboard thing is a little tacky. Might I suggest something less showy, but at least as effective:


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  1. My sentiments exactly. I love John, but I don’t know why he’s forcing the issue. G-d forbid Trump wins. If Hogan were to cross him, Trump would use that to screw over the entire state.

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