Little Shoebox Designer Profile: Jon Josef Adds a Touch of Whimsy to Classics

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Jon Josef Shoes at The Little Shoebox

“I was born with a shoe under my arm,” says Juan Jose (JJ) Egido, the owner of the sophisticated shoe brand Jon Josef. He’s only partially kidding.

Born and raised in Spain, Egido spent his youth learning the business from the inside. His family owned shoe stores and factories, where he absorbed the details of making and selling fine shoes. “After school, I would do little things here and there,” he says. “That’s how I learned about shoes.”

Still working with his family’s brand, he moved to the U.S. after college, where he fell in love, both with the country and with his wife, Louisa. In 2007, he launched his eponymous brand, Jon Josef, and today both Egido and the company are U.S.-based, though he still travels frequently to Spain, where his shoes are manufactured.

Egido knows how to make shoes – and he also knows his customers, whom he describes as wonderful and loyal. “They know what they want, go after what they like and are fashionable from head to toe,” he says. For Jon Josef, this means sophisticated heels and stylish loafers, imbued with bits of whimsy here and there – shoes that are both classic and fun.

With reasonable prices and high quality, Jon Josef shoes are a rare find, says Egido. “The quality is really good,” he says. “Everything we do, we do with pride and love. We are more than honored that our customers are so faithful. They come back to us all the time.”

Egido will spend the next few months jetting from place to place – from Spain to Las Vegas to Miami – as his Spring 2016 line debuts in February and he gears up for the production of the Fall 2016. This spring, expect lots of prints and fun – “for spring, you really want color,” he says – and next fall, the print trend will continue, with animal prints, embossed leathers and tons of texture.

He’s excited about the new styles, which are a departure from the past few years of more masculine-influenced looks, he says. “With fashion, it’s always moving forward. We’re always coming up with new things,” he says. “That’s what I really like.”

Juan Jose Egido loves The Little Shoebox, where he says the team really knows its customers and what they want. Meet the staff and see the shoes at 7625 Bellona Avenue in Ruxton Station.  Call 410-825-3191 or visit The Little Shoebox Facebook page. Join The Little Shoebox for Ruxton Station Holiday Weekend! Bring a canned good to The Little Shoebox this weekend and receive 20% off a pair of boots or shoes.


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