Courtesy Bank of America/MLB
Courtesy Bank of America/MLB

Orioles star Adam Jones treated a classroom of students at Baltimore’s SEED School earlier this year to a free baseball game, but not before surprising them by disguising himself as the teacher.

A video released earlier this week shows the All-Star center fielder clad in a velvet jacket, glasses, “teacher shoes” and a tie showing up to the Southwest Baltimore college prep school and pretending to be a sub. He inevitably gets some laughs when he walks into the classroom goofily dressed and introduces himself as “Herbert Garfield.”

Still, none of the students appear to guess that he might be their hometown baseball hero instead of their teacher for the day. In typical sub treatment, one of the students even interrupts him to ask if he likes lasagna.

Needless to say, the class erupts when they find out it’s Adam Jones in the flesh. Following the stunt, which was sponsored by Bank of America for an ad campaign, Jones treated the students to a bunch of free Orioles swag and tickets to that night’s O’s game.

Case in point, Jones is not only known for his reliable play as a veteran outfielder and hitter, but also for his work within the community. Major League Baseball honored him last year as “Man of the Year” for his philanthropy and community service. In the past, he has donated tens of thousands to the Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore, worked with groups serving city youth and even shown an interest in Maryland’s public health.

It’s his reputation for carrying out such stunts that makes him a repeat candidate to be honored as a good guy.

Ethan McLeod is an associate editor for Baltimore Fishbowl.

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