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Promoting Growth at Wilkes School Preschool Program


The philosophy at Wilkes School Preschool Program is to promote the social emotional growth of the children, preparing them for future educational endeavors, while still tuning in to their individual strengths and needs. The curriculum is based on the developmental milestones for 2-, 3-, and 4- year olds and aligns with the Maryland state standards. The school is able to adjust the program to fit the needs of each child while still maintaining the integrity of the program.

A typical day for the preschool is a balance of teacher-led and independent activities. Educators teach Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as, all of the specialty areas. Children experience hands-on activities, with an emphasis of literature and language. The activities are based on the developmental needs of the children and can and do fluctuate between groups of children to ensure everyone is finding success.

The PreK Program at St. James Academy Launches a Lifelong Love of Learning


The Pre-Kindergarten, or “PreK” program at St. James Academy exemplifies the school’s multisensory approach to learning, allowing four years olds to begin their citizenship within the greater school community.

Disguised as Substitute Teacher, Adam Jones Visits Baltimore School

Courtesy Bank of America/MLB
Courtesy Bank of America/MLB

Orioles star Adam Jones treated a classroom of students at Baltimore’s SEED School earlier this year to a free baseball game, but not before surprising them by disguising himself as the teacher.

Hogan Holds Back Baltimore School Funding Over Air Conditioning

Governor Hogan signed the 2016 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act into law.
Larry Hogan

The simmering dispute over air conditioning in schools boiled over on Wednesday in Annapolis.

Suburban Schools Getting Creative With Closings


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.32.56 PMIf schools are closed tomorrow, we’re going on five days of post-winter storm closures in the Baltimore area. While snow days may be fun (for the kids) at first, everyone’s starting to get a little punchy. A pair of school leaders are looking to break up the days, even if that doesn’t involve hosting the kids.

The “Chalkboard Ceiling” in Maryland’s Public Schools


Baltimore schools, which under CEO Andrés Alonso had been steadily improving their Maryland State Assessment scores since 2007, have started to stagnate and in some subjects drop in performance, results suggest. This means harder work for teachers and administrators, especially in the city, where schools are lagging behind the state average.