The philosophy at Wilkes School Preschool Program is to promote the social emotional growth of the children, preparing them for future educational endeavors, while still tuning in to their individual strengths and needs. The curriculum is based on the developmental milestones for 2-, 3-, and 4- year olds and aligns with the Maryland state standards. The school is able to adjust the program to fit the needs of each child while still maintaining the integrity of the program.

A typical day for the preschool is a balance of teacher-led and independent activities. Educators teach Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as, all of the specialty areas. Children experience hands-on activities, with an emphasis of literature and language. The activities are based on the developmental needs of the children and can and do fluctuate between groups of children to ensure everyone is finding success.

The youngest learners follow the same pattern of learning only at a more relaxed pace.

The Wilkes School at Grace and St. Peter’s preschool utilizes a number of  community resources available in their Mt. Vernon neighborhood. Regular walks to the Pratt library, trips to the Walters Art Museum, working with the MICA students on how young children learn to draw, attending Baltimore Symphony concerts, and participating in the many festivals in the park are part of their experiences.

Quote from preschool director Robin Mellen:

“As an educator I love that I have the freedom to embrace the children at the developmental levels they arrive at and can grow with them as they experience their first school activities and grow with the community”.

The best way to experience the Wilkes School at Grace and St. Peter’s is to visit. Please contact the school to schedule your tour today. 

Wilkes School is an independent school for children age 2 through Grade 5 in the heart of Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood. A walk through the school reveals activities and lessons that reflect their motto, Cum Gaudio Discimus (We learn with joy). This dedication to joyful learning resonates throughout the small classes and nurturing environment, offering the warmth and personal attention of a small school, a dedicated and talented faculty, and an academic program of proven quality. The diverse backgrounds of the students make the school one of Baltimore’s most heterogeneous schools. As the only elementary school in downtown Baltimore accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools, Wilkes School prepare their students for life-long learning.

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