Still via ESPN Go.
Still via ESPN Go.

It may have been a cake in a pie pan, but why would that make a difference?

Back in February, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones tweeted some “TERRIBLE news for O’s fans.” He would no longer be pieing his teammates in the face after a win. “It can be dangerous,” he explained.

Yeah right! More like “dangerously delicious!”

In the end, Jones wasn’t going to let Matt Wieters’s Opening Day walk-off single go unrewarded, so he smashed (what according to manager Buck Showalter was) a cake in a Dangerously Delicious pie pan in the catcher’s face.

In any case, Jones appeared to believe he may still “get whooped” for it:

I might get whooped for today’s shenanigans, but dammit I’ll take the spankin for this W. #OpeningDay #StayHungry

— 10 (@SimplyAJ10) April 5, 2016