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Downtown Partnership Brings Back the Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest


Pie Eating Contest

With Halloween only days away, the usual trappings of fall are coming into focus: Crisp, colder weather, an array of colorful leaves, jack o’lanterns and, to go with that, pumpkin pie.

Adam Jones Apparently Violates Pie Ban on Opening Day

Still via ESPN Go.
Still via ESPN Go.

It may have been a cake in a pie pan, but why would that make a difference?

Celebrate Pi(e) Day at the Science Center



catch of the day fish (2)Everyone ready for the big March holiday coming up? No, we’re not talking about St. Patrick’s Day (though, yes, that’s fun too). We’re talking Pi(e) Day. Beloved by geometry nerds and pastry enthusiasts alike, Pi(e) Day occurs on March 14th each year—that’s 3/14, which is close enough to 3.14, which is the highly abbreviated version of the transcendental number, Pi. Pi is the number that we find anytime we’re trying to figure out the relationship between a circle’s circumference and diameter. And pie is what we get when we try to figure out the perfect relationship between fruit, butter, and flour. We’re just grateful that the Maryland Science Center had the good sense to bring the two together–on March 14th, of course–for some geometric, sugary indulgence.

Shake Shack Is Opening an Inner Harbor Location Next Week


shake-shack-bmore.0.0The anticipation and liquor license wrangling has been building for weeks now. On Monday, Shake Shack will open its Inner Harbor location.

Not too Late for Dangerously Delicious Thanksgiving Pie Orders



catch of the day fish (2)We always start out with big ambitions for Thanksgiving. We’ve got recipes clipped from magazines, other people’s best dishes favorited on Instagram, and a well-planned schedule for how we’re going to get it all done with room in the oven to spare. And yet, as the big day draws nearer, some of those plans tend to drop away. The several Martha Stewart side dishes we’d planned to make have dwindled to one or two, and we’re delegating responsibilities left and right. But you don’t want to farm out the oh-so-important task of pie-making to just anyone. After all, pie is generally delicious, but Thanksgiving is its biggest day of the year, and can absolutely steal the show when you get a good one. So be sure to leave your guests wanting more (and with lasting memories of the most delicious Thanksgiving ever) with at least one pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies– the only people we’d trust our dessert course to.

Date Night Specials at Dangerously Delicious Pies


Date Night

catch of the day fish (2)Sweets for your sweetie? How about sides, savories, and a couple of drinks as well? Fall is the perfect time for pie. And pie is perfect for sharing. It’s kind of comfort-foody, but also makes use of fall’s delicious harvest for the perfect blend of a fresh and homey feel. And the folks at Dangerously Delicious Pies must know this, because they’ve brought back their amazing Date Night Special just in time for the season. If you have date lined up, bring ‘em here. If not, this is the perfect reason to find one.

Who Will Sponsor the Baltimore Marathon, Now That Under Armour Bowed Out?


Under Armour Baltimore Marathon logo

Under Armour seemed like the perfect title sponsor for the Baltimore Running Festival (the annual October event comprising the marathon, half–marathon, and a host of other, shorter races). After all, it’s a locally-based maker of athletic apparel — who better to fund a celebration of Baltimore fitness?

(Actually, as the Baltimore Sun notes, most other marathons in the country are sponsored by financial institutions; it’s relatively rare for an athletic gear company to fund this particular kind of athletic event.)

While this is sad, of course, the race must go on. Here are some ideas for other Baltimore institutions that might benefit from having their name/logo plastered all over a bunch of runners.

Just Because Rodney Henry Lost “Food Network Star” Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Become One



BFB contributor Rachel Monroe spent the most recent season of The Next Food Network Star rooting against Rodney Henry, Baltimorean and founder of Dangerously Delicious Pies, for his own good. And it looks like she got her wish. Henry finished his run on the competitive reality show in second place.

His proposed Food Network series Pie Style, in which he would roam from restaurant to restaurant remaking their flagship dishes as pies, lost out to Damaris Phillips’s Eat Date Love, a show “about helping men cook Southern food to woo the ladies.” (Well, they needed to replace Paula Deen, so I understand.)

Why I Hope Baltimore’s Pie Man Loses His Reality TV Competition



The last time we wrote about Rodney Henry, the pie-master in charge of Dangerously Delicious Pies, he had just announced his intentions to compete in the Food Network’s reality TV program. The show’s been on the air for about six weeks now, and Henry has managed to out-cook and out-charm his competition so far; he’s one of only five remaining contestants. And I hope he loses.