Who Will Sponsor the Baltimore Marathon, Now That Under Armour Bowed Out?

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Under Armour Baltimore Marathon logo

Under Armour seemed like the perfect title sponsor for the Baltimore Running Festival (the annual October event comprising the marathon, half–marathon, and a host of other, shorter races). After all, it’s a locally-based maker of athletic apparel — who better to fund a celebration of Baltimore fitness?

(Actually, as the Baltimore Sun notes, most other marathons in the country are sponsored by financial institutions; it’s relatively rare for an athletic gear company to fund this particular kind of athletic event.)

While this is sad, of course, the race must go on. Here are some ideas for other Baltimore institutions that might benefit from having their name/logo plastered all over a bunch of runners.

Dangerously Delicious Pies. Since Rodney isn’t the official next Food Network star, he’ll have to find another way to raise his profile. How about offering free pies to all race finishers? After all, they have to replace all those lost calories…

Johns Hopkins Hospital. The running festival presumably means big business for Hopkins, since they probably get to treat a ton of shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bum knees, and other running injuries. The least they could do would be to give a little bit back to the community in the process.

Horseshoe Baltimore. Encouraging people to get all bleary-eyed in front of slot machines is not, as they say, a good look. Our new casino could get some good press for once by stepping up to sponsor the marathon — and maybe even offering bets on the top finishers, too.

Baltimore Grand Prix. What if the troubled event rebranded itself? Instead of celebrating expensive European race cars going around in circles, it could trumpet the speed of normal human beings running around the city. It causes way less pollution, after all!

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