Everyone Loves Old Bay Beer

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Earlier this summer, we mentioned that Maryland-based Flying Dog Brewery was planning on releasing an Old Bay-flavored beer. Then we noted how Old Bay flavors are kind of blowing up. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Old Bay beer — more specifically Flying Dog’s Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale — is flying off the shelves.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the brewery started selling the beer in May, after having produced what they thought was a five-month supply for the entire mid-Atlantic region. Instead, it sold out in 10 days.

Temporarily caught off guard by the demand, Flying Dog opted to devote nearly two-thirds of its production capacity to Dead Rise. And as a favor for its local fans, Flying Dog stopped shipping the beer to states beyond Maryland, D.C., and Virginia — which should make it easier for you to get it. Just don’t do what some beer fans are doing, and buy up two or three cases at a time. Hoarding beer = not cool, guys! Let everyone else have a chance to try some, too.

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