This weekend, September 19 and September 20, is World Wellness Weekend – a weekend dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to make healthier choices. Spa Adagio, a Wellness Ambassador for Baltimore, will be participating, offering a wide variety of holistic personalized spa treatments. Check out Spa Adagio’s Facebook page throughout the weekend for wellness videos, tour the spa on Saturday and Sunday evening from 7pm-8pm (by appointment only), meet Anette Langsdort, Yoga Teacher 500 E-YRT, at Saturday’s Open House, make an appointment for a treatment and start the upcoming season with a refreshed mind and body.

Since 2017, the World Wellness Weekend has encouraged professional wellness leaders across the world to open their doors, showcase the expertise of their teams, engage their local communities and raise their profile. This weekend offers creative ways to encourage people to experience wellness and become the best versions of themselves. Take a look at the World Wellness Map to see local participating venues.

Regina Schneider, Owner of Spa Adagio, offers a number of treatments at her studio. Her credentials include LMT/Chiropractor Board MD, Nationally Certified USA, Sleep Consultant, Massage and Spa Educator. Regina’s goal is to share that Baltimore has a Wellness Ambassador in Spa Adagio, and how very important it is to stay mentally and physically healthy, especially during these uncertain times. If you can’t make it over the weekend, check out the Facebook Page for wellness videos.

Wellness is a responsible relationship between the body and mind. Let Spa Adagio refresh both during World Wellness Weekend. Make your appointment today!    

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