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Roland Park Country School is Making Space for Wellness


At Roland Park Country School, we want our students to live healthy and balanced lives; in fact, it’s one of our core values. This starts with an academic program that challenges and engages our girls, while allowing them to be children and teenagers. But wellness goes beyond the student workload and through intentional programming at every grade level, student-led initiatives, and resources for parents and guardians, we make sure that every student has a strong social-emotional support system to help them be healthy and well.

To support this effort, a new wellness suite was recently constructed on the RPCS campus, with offices for several members of the Student Services team, including the Director of Counseling, counselors at each division level,  and the counseling intern, as well as the Director of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The inviting offices are spacious enough for the counselors to hold classes, but are also comfortable for private meetings with students. Student artwork decorates the suite and a mindfulness wall in the cheery hallway displays several take-one cards for students, offering tips on wellness topics including desk stretches and breathing techniques. Slips are also available in the wellness suite for students to confidentially request one-on-one meetings with a counselor. “This is a space that students can access at all times,” said Makeda King-Smith, Upper School Counselor. “It’s so important to help students with stress and anxiety as early as we can.”

Add laughter to your life for balance and health


laughter imageAs we enter the fall season, ask yourself, how balanced are you? Or not? There are a few shifts you can make on a daily basis that will make a difference in your health.

Local, Natural, Organic Bodycare: Priya Means Love

Priya Means Love
Priya Means Love of Baltimore offers natural remedies for skin and body.

It’s lip balm season, all right. But before you reach for the store-bought stuff… have you ever considered what’s in the products you’re putting precariously close to your mouth? What about skincare products? You know to eat organic, but is that artificially scented lotion something you feel comfortable absorbing into your skin? Can you pronounce all (or any) of the ingredients?

Juice Packs To Go from Plantbar



catch of the day fish (2)Is the warm weather starting to turn your mind toward summer fitness? Now that the buds are budding and spring is here, many of us are crawling out of our winter hibernation shells to find we’ve lost a bit of that healthy glow we had once upon a time. It could be the fact that most of our skin hasn’t seen the sun in many months. Or that we stocked up on clearance Valentine’s Day and Easter candy and have been dutifully working through it (oops). Or that it’s just that much harder to make it to the gym when the roads are covered in ice, and the Snuggie calls. Fair enough. But now it’s time to get your head back in the game. One super quick (and delicious) health fix you can bet on? Fresh pressed juice 6-packs from Pantbar.

Mind Body Celebrates 15 Years in Mt. Washington



catch of the day fish (2)Nothing we love more than a locally owned business that is thriving simply by helping Baltimoreans themselves thrive. And thriving for the long term is what Mind Body Physical Therapy and Pilates studio seems to be doing as they celebrate their 15th anniversary this month. While so many of Mind Body’s clients are saying “thank you” for restored and renewed health and vitality, the studio itself is saying thank you to the community with featured classes, packaged specials and Physical Therapy promotions throughout the month of April.

Far Infrared Saunas and More at Vita Revive



catch of the day fish (2)Today’s Catch is brought to you by the department of Dear God It’s So Cold. While we love an exciting sale, amazing dinner specials, and all the fab cultural offerings that make Baltimore the best, when it’s this deep, dark and wintry, it can be kind of hard to leave the house. Unless of course you know you’re getting right into the car and heading straight to the warmest, most relaxing place around. And where might that be? In our book, it’s Vita Revive, the organic wellness spa that has all the amenities to warm you up from the inside out and hit “reset” on your winter tolerance level.

Unwind with December Offers from Seoul Spa


Seoul Spa

catch of the day fish (2)Well, we’ve made it this far. We’re about 99% out of the woods in terms of the holiday season, with most of the drinking, dining, merry-making, shopping, hosting, and clean up behind us. Which means that it’s time to pat ourselves on the back and get some much needed rest. At times like these, we’re particularly partial to a stop by Seoul Spa– the gorgeous Korean-style spa that opened a few years ago just outside the city, but close enough to become our go-to spot for unwinding and rejuvenating for a day. And if you manage to squeeze in a visit in the next few days, you can still take them up on their amazing December promotions– like a book of 10 admission tickets for only $180, or a 50% admission discount with the purchase of a massage.

Tomorrow: Soul Body Thrive Workshops-Energize, Strengthen & Nourish Your Body


Soul Body Thrive Workshops

Energize, strengthen & nourish your body

Power up your Wednesdays this fall! Each workshop includes:


Soul Body’s famed SB Barre workout to tighten your core and tone your thighs, hips and seat (30 minutes). These ballet barre-inspired, mat-based moves can be modified for every level.

Healthy recipe demos to excite your inner chef and enhance your nutrition IQ (40 minutes).

Tastings, plus recipe cards to take home.


Wednesday, November 5  •  5:30—7pm
Recipes for Healthy Skin

Peaches3.jpgHealthy, glowing skin begins with what you put in your body. Find out which foods support a supple, clear complexion. Then, taste innovative ways to prepare them. You’ll come away from the evening with a delicious, inside-out strategy for nourishing your skin. This workshop begins with an invigorating 30-minute SB Barre workout.





Soul Body’s Thrive Wellness Series


Wellness Workshops

catch of the day fish (2)True health and wellness takes work from a variety of angles. We all known the pitfalls of hitting the gym hard but following it up with a decadent triple-mocha-something-or-other; or hoping that simply eating a sugar-fat-carb-everything-free diet will magically transform us into chiseled, marathon-running super humans. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work like that. Anyone who really knows health (and believe us, the women behind Soul Body do), knows that you’ve got to combine diet, exercise, and even self care for the total package of feeling and looking great. And as we dive into fall (and yes, that is what’s happening, though the weather might not seem like it) Soul Body is offering the perfect workshop series for developing a total-body approach to health.

Breath of Fresh Air: Breathing with Heather Davis at Baltimore Yoga Village


Baltimore Yoga Village

catch of the day fish (2)Sometimes we recommend things because they’ve our top faves. Sometimes we just think we’ve found something the world needs to know about. But sometimes, it’s just because we see something and we’re like, “OMG. I Need that. Now.” And so it was when we realized that Baltimore Yoga Village will be offering a one-day workshop on breathing. And it’s coming really, really soon. Can you hear our lungs (and minds and senses of well-being) going “ahhhhhh”?