UM Wellness Conference: Saying “Ahh” Combines with Saying “Om”

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Sponsored post – Looking for ways to feel better physically and mentally? Believe there’s more to health and happiness than popping prescriptions and devouring pints of ice cream? The University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine Health and Wellness Conference at the Baltimore Hilton Saturday, April 14, provides workshops on a wide range of topics that all address a common theme: multiple factors, from the food we eat to the stress in our lives to the way we recharge our bodies’ batteries, affects our overall well-being.

Andrew Weil, M.D., pictured above and author of the bestseller Spontaneous Happiness, will deliver the keynote address. Dr. Weil’s philosophy, as represented in his book, combines Eastern and Western practices to create a model for living that incorporates walking, breathing, community interaction, nutrition, and supplements to, as he says, “achieve balance and serenity.”

Among the workshops throughout the day is “Ayurveda: Food Used as Medicine,” led by Susan Weis-Bohlen, owner of Breathe Books and certified Ayurveda instructor. Currently this workshop is nearing capacity at 60 registrants; so hurry — calmly — to sign up before the class caps off at 72.

Other workshops include the patient-centered approach to treating terminal illnesses in “Creating a More Effective Healthcare System: the Functional Medicine Movement,” which is taught by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., chief science officer of Metagenics and president of Metaproteomics and a medical qigong participatory session.

The symposium is open to healthcare professionals (and can satisfy continuing education credits) and the general public. Check the website for applicable conference fees and workshop registration.

We’re familiar with the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out.” While the origin of this phrase is a techy one, the gist is applicable to our health. Our bodies and minds are powered by more than good or bad genes. And Western culture seems to be coming around to this idea.

Baltimore Fishbowl is a media sponsor for the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine Health and Wellness Conference.

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