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Learn To Be Happy and Healthy



Mini Move.Eat.Be. LIVE is a 4-day class over the span of 3 weeks.

Receive the information you need to incorporate holistic health and wellness into your every day life.

Each of our bodies, lives and preferences are different. This workshop will help you dispel the fads and myths and get in touch with your own ability to be your very own personal health and wellness champion.October 26 & 27 and November 2 & 9 (12 to 4 pm)  SIGN UP TODAY!  Space is limited.

Lunch Date! Therapeutic Yoga for Headaches


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Health is influenced by a variety of complex and interrelated factors such as environment, life choices, genetic makeup, social connectedness, and the presence of meaning and purpose in life. The Institute for Integrative Health (TIIH) was established to catalyze new ideas in healthcare. Our core activities focus on understanding and promoting health, linking experts across disciplines to generate new ideas, mentoring the leaders of today and tomorrow, exploring new models of health, and discovering fresh ways to engage the public in its pursuit of health.


Fall Into A New You With Move. Eat. Be.



We all want to feel good. We want to feel healthy and energetic, and at peace with our bodies. But all too often we end up reading magazine articles about a radical new diet, or the latest study that shows everything we thought we knew about nutrition was wrong. With so much information out there, how do we discover what really works? How can we know what will work for us? After all, everyone’s body, interests, and personal history are different. So why waste time on one-size-fits-all wellness? That’s the idea behind this month’s Holistic Wellness workshop led by Joanne Frederick. With an individualized approach to personal wellness, Frederick helps participants dispel the fads and myths and get in touch with their own ability to be their very own personal health and wellness champion. Sound like a huge relief? Yeah, we thought so.

UM Wellness Conference: Saying “Ahh” Combines with Saying “Om”



Sponsored post – Looking for ways to feel better physically and mentally? Believe there’s more to health and happiness than popping prescriptions and devouring pints of ice cream? The University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine Health and Wellness Conference at the Baltimore Hilton Saturday, April 14, provides workshops on a wide range of topics that all address a common theme: multiple factors, from the food we eat to the stress in our lives to the way we recharge our bodies’ batteries, affects our overall well-being.

Andrew Weil, M.D., pictured above and author of the bestseller Spontaneous Happiness, will deliver the keynote address. Dr. Weil’s philosophy, as represented in his book, combines Eastern and Western practices to create a model for living that incorporates walking, breathing, community interaction, nutrition, and supplements to, as he says, “achieve balance and serenity.”