Over 20,000 votes were cast in the first round of our March Madness Pizza Survey!  We had no idea we had such passionate pizza people among us.

Today we break down the brackets into eight, then we’ll drop to four, then two, then our champ.  As of today, only one vote a day.

[poll id=”3″]

9 replies on “Fishbowl’s Finest: Best Pizza, Round 2”

  1. I tried to vote on Saturday AM and just now, 4/1/2013 @ 1:33 PM…both times my reply from this site stated “You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #3” – when, in fact, I have only voted ONCE – in three days!!! What gives?

    1. Will I get to vote for the 3 days I was unable to votre…3 votes are important, since the top place seems to have a knack for gertting votes…just sayin’.

    1. agreed! that place is my jam! i do love Turkish pide though, their “slyces” are really just Turkish pizza!

    2. No more voting for me in your “Surveys.” In all fairness, this Pizza Survey was soooo BADLY skewed by IMPROPER voting activities by ridiculous efforts, that the affected Round 1 part of this survey meant NOTHING. Why do such people stoop to low levels – I do not feel sorry for them!

  2. Pasta Mista is the most underrated in all of Baltimore. Just because it looks like a nondescript chain, the hipsters won’t acknowledge it.

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