Five Relationship Tips for Surviving the Stay at Home Order

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When China first began lifting its quarantine, something, perhaps not too surprising, happened. Divorce rates spiked among couples, who had found old wounds and hidden fissures in their marriage simply too hard to overcome.

Yet, spending 24/7 time with your spouse throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, doesn’t have to lead to divorce. Here are a few tips from Jewish Community Services on how to navigate your marriage during this period.

  1. Give each other space. For many of us, the lines between work and home have been erased. We don’t have the natural breaks we took for granted. It may be as simple as sitting in different rooms or taking a solitary walk outside, but you both need a little time to yourselves to relieve the pressure.
  2. Spell it out. If you want or need something from your significant other, it is your responsibility to speak up and clearly state what you are seeking. It has never been reasonable to expect your partner to be a mind reader, so don’t start now.

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