Former Owner of the Senator Theatre Tom Kiefaber Arrested (UPDATED)

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Tom Kiefaber’s booking photo

Whatever your opinion of the statements and actions of Tom Kiefaber since he lost possession of the Senator Theatre in 2009, he’s certainly not going gentle into that goodnight. Kiefaber’s public Facebook page pulls no punches discussing his feelings at having lost the theater — a frequent topic — waxing poetic (and vitriolic) about the devastation that was brought to his wallet, his family, and his life’s work. And he’s not afraid to name names, repeatedly.
It seems that that (along with Kiefaber’s penchant for showing up at the Senator and talking to employees) is something that puts current operators of the theater, Kathleen Cusack and her father Buzz, ill at ease.

After the Cusacks accused the former owner of “trespassing at the movie house and harassing workers” on Saturday, tensions came to a head Monday morning when he came back to the site. Kiefaber, who police say was “unruly and inappropriate,” was arrested for trespassing and taken to Central Booking.

A hearing is set for September 20 at 1:30 pm.

UPDATE: According to an article in the Sun, the alleged trespassing and harassment amounted to Kiefaber’s disposing of a neighbor’s garbage in the Senator’s trash bins, at which point he noticed someone taking a large brass artpiece from the theater. Kiefaber said the piece belonged to him, “They” (the Cusacks? an employee?) disagreed, and then the story gets less certain.

Is there anyone out there (besides the Cusacks, the police, and Kiefaber) who witnessed the alleged incident?

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  1. Why hasn’t one of these judges requested a psychiatric evaluation for Tom? He has been unraveling for years, and his FB rants are further evidence that he is coming unglued. Is he going to have to hurt himself or someone else before the authorities intervene?

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