Former Woodberry Kitchen Employees Sue Restaurant for Unpaid Wages

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Woodberry kitchen 1

Woodberry Kitchen is a restaurant that’s beloved by critics and diners… but not, it seems, by all its employees. As the Baltimore Sun reports, two former employees are suing the restaurant for unpaid wages, claiming that Woodberry’s policies violates the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Maryland Wage and Hour Law.

The policy of “shift pay,” in which employees are paid a flat per-day rate for working a minimum number of hours instead of an hourly wage, is common in restaurants across the country. However, the policy has met criticism nationwide because employees may have to work longer hours for no extra money (and no overtime)–and if they don’t meet the minimum number of shift hours, they might not get paid at all. Or employees scheduled for a part-time shift might find themselves staying for much longer--and not getting paid for it. The Fair Labor Standards Act mandates that workers who are scheduled for a shorter shift and end up working more than eight hours or more than 40 hours per week are entitled to overtime.

A Reddit thread has popped up featuring a couple other disgruntled alleged former employees. The lawsuit is seeking class action damages for other employees damaged by the shift pay system, as well as back pay with interest and lawyer’s fees.


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