Gawker Calls the Dem Nomination for Martin O’Malley

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According to Gawker’s math, former Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley has clinched the Democratic nomination, if…

On the eve of California’s Democratic primary, the Associated Press reported Monday Night that Hillary Clinton has clinched the nomination, if you count the superdelegates who have confirmed their support but have yet to vote.

Snark factory Gawker did the AP one better, calling the nomination for O’Malley:

According to Gawker’s own survey of hypothetical genetic clones of Martin O’Malley, however, the former Maryland Governor will easily win the nomination should all party officials die and be replaced by said clones.

Here’s another choice paragraph:

What neither candidate has considered, however, is that Clinton, Sanders, all pledged delegates and superdelegates could die either individually or in some kind of terrible calamity in the meantime and be succeeded by thousands upon thousands of Martin O’Malley’s biological doubles.

Whether or not the AP story deserves the lampooning, Gawker’s reporting on the sleeper candidacy of “O’Malley Prime” is a pretty good read.

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  1. Somebody must think it is April 1st with this suggestion of Fmr gov/myr O’Malley!!!!!!!!!!
    His nightmare record of total mismanagement first of the city of Baltimore then almost destroying the state of Maryland is unparalleled in history.
    This is the POSTER-CHILD for BAD MANAGERS everywhere.
    Overtaxing, incompetence, shady deals, ignorance and a super-EGO that is bigger than the entire bay!
    Millions were lost and nearly closed down the city schools then record tax increases the state has never seen before driving people & businesses out.
    He was the inspiration of the mayor in THE WIRE show if you need more help.
    This total incompetent man increased the mayors staff with unneeded deputy mayors when the city had shrunk from well over 900,000 to almost 600,000 and the city council reduced but he needed deputies to work because he was playing in a band at night then sleeping it off the next day!

    Yet some believe he should be PRESIDENT?!
    O.K. let him run as an independent and see what happens to him!

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