Get Healthy with Orange Theory in 2016

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"The picture on the left was taken September 14th. The picture on the right was taken October 24th. THIS is what I mean when I say that Orange Theory is a game changer. I spent 6 weeks eating very clean and working out 5-7 times a week at OTF. Think i'm crazy when I say you will see results and that it is worth every penny? My confidence level has changed, and doing something for myself never felt so good. Get under the orange lights with me and see how you can change your life!" -Cassie
“The picture on the left was taken September 14th. The picture on the right was taken October 24th. THIS is what I mean when I say that Orange Theory is a game changer. -Cassie

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year? If you did, the odds are good that they have something to do with losing weight and/or living a healthier life. Unfortunately, the odds also are that by mid-year, you will have abandoned those resolutions.

According to social science studies, only 8% of people who make resolutions follow through on them. But maybe we just don’t have the right support. For resolutions related to health and wellness, that’s where Orangetheory Fitness comes in.

Post-NFL, Brendon Ayanbadejo found new rewards in OTF training
Post-NFL, Brendon Ayanbadejo found new rewards in OTF training

Orangetheory, which opens a new location in the Hunt Valley Town Center on January 29th, isn’t like standard gyms. Workouts make use of scientific theory, technology and good old community spirit to maximize effectiveness.

Each workout is 60 minutes, held in a group training setting. All participants wear heart monitors, so instructors have access to real-time biometric information for each individual.

“Even in a class setting of up to 24 people, I can speak to an individual about what their heart is doing,” says Sonrisa Medina, one of the owners of the new Hunt Valley location.corp282238

People crave group training, she explains, for the community, energy and fun factor. But in traditional group exercise classes, instructors aren’t necessarily personal trainers and it’s easy for people to get lost in class, or even to get injured. Using technology and intense instructor training, the Orangetheory approach avoids the typical pitfalls of the setting.

The approach is also grounded in science, with classes designed to produce workout “afterburn” effect, with an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout. The result is that clients can burn an average of 500 to 1,000 calories per workout and see increased muscle endurance, strength and power and, if it is a goal, weight loss.

If that sounds advanced, don’t worry. “We are for everybody,” says Medina, noting that she’s coached people of all ages, at varying levels of fitness, through the workout. “It’s pretty incredible having people side by side at different levels. They are all given their own challenges and goals and at the end of the day, it’s all about being better than yesterday. The greatest competition we encourage is with yourself.”

Following each workout, clients are emailed a summary of everything they’ve done in class that day. The class and follow-up provide the accountability and rigor of working with a personal trainer, but at a more accessible cost.

Orangetheory’s memberships are month to month with no long term commitment. “We don’t believe in annual contracts,” explains Medina. “We want you there because you want to be there. We want to be a part of your fitness journey and because you can cancel, we have to keep our game at the highest level on customer service, on every level imaginable.”

That means not only keeping people working hard – and having fun – in class, it also involves getting people to class. “If you don’t show up, we call you,” says Medina, explaining that when clients join, they make a commitment to themselves to come a certain number of times a week. If they don’t meet that goal, that’s when they get that phone call. “We’ll say, I haven’t seen you in the past week. When are you coming in? Let’s get you back on that horse and supported.”


For Medina, all of this is a labor of love. “I’m very passionate about what we’re doing,” she says. “We put a fire under people and keep everybody engaged.”

If you join Orangetheory now, as a founding member, you will enjoy the lowest rates that will ever be offered – and you’ll keep that rate for the lifetime of your membership. You can also reserve a founding membership, which will also include access to the Free Pre-Opening VIP classes. Founding membership rates are available until February 10th.

Orangetheory is in the process of hiring trainers: if you are a fitness guru who cares deeply about helping people achieve their goals, call 410-777-8836 for more information about how to join the Orangetheory team.

Orangetheory Fitness will be located at 118 Shawan Road, Suite BB, Hunt Valley, MD 21030. For more information, call 410-777-8836 or visit


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