Get the Popcorn! Perry and O’Malley to Face Off on CNN Tonight

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Martin O'Malley, Rick Perry

First off, did you know that Crossfire — the CNN point-counterpoint show that Jon Stewart appeared to have single-handedly destroyed in 2005 — is back on television? And just in time for two talking-points-loving politicians who would love to be president to yell back and forth for 30 minutes.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be debating Gov. Martin O’Malley on the newly revived show after spending the day at Beretta USA in a play to convince the Maryland gun manufacturer to move to Texas, where I’m pretty sure gun companies are all tax-exempt as religious organizations.

The two have tussled before, back when each was chairing his respective party’s governors association. Regarding that encounter, O’Malley said, “I kicked his [expletive]. And he’s never come back for more.” Not terribly statesmanlike! But, still, it ought to make for some good television.


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