The Gift: Rewined Candles from Miy Home

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    The Gift

    What It Is: Lovely, 100% soy wax candles with fragrances inspired by our favorite wines. Each candle has about a 60 hour burn time, and comes in a handcrafted glass votive made from a repurposed wine bottle. Available at Miy Home. $28.

    It’s Perfect For:

    Your Wine Friend: Sure, maybe this is a no-brainer, but if you’re not a big wine aficionado, it can be hard to pick out a good wine gift for those in the know. After all, their knowledge of every vintage known to man makes it unlikely that you’ll be able to find them a bottle or vineyard they haven’t tried. And plus, you don’t want to accidentally pick a variety they’ll look down their nose at. A candle or two makes an ideal gift that they can appreciate without too much comment, and that will burn much, much longer than a bottle of the stuff would.

    Part of that Valentine’s Day Package You’re Working So Hard On: We’re not here to put the pressure on. In fact, we’re trying to relieve some of the pressure. But we all know that procrastination (particularly in the field of romantic gift-giving) never pays. You probably won’t be too well-received if your entire Valentine’s Day offering is a candle or two. But nestle them in between some chocolates, jewels, flowers, airline tickets, and poetry, and there you’ve got yourself a gift idea.

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