The Gift: Victorian Hair Workshop at Bazaar

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The Gift

What It Is: Why, it’s a spot in a Victorian Hair Jewelry-Making Workshop, of course! Back by popular demand (no, really) this workshop teaches students how to make authentic Victorian-style hair jewelry (that’s jewelry made from hair– not jewelry to put in your hair). Is it off the beaten, path? Absolutely. A little bit creepy and weird? Definitely. The exact perfect gift for someone you know? In all likelihood. If nothing else, it’s a 100% memorable gift– and definitely not something anyone is likely to already have. The workshop is hosted by Bazaar in Hampden and costs $135 (materials included).

Who It’s Perfect for:

Your Artist Friend: You know your artist friend who’s always exploring their inner demons, or expressing themselves through performance art that involves them squaking like a goose and hanging from the ceiling in a harness? Don’t we all have one of those? For folks whose tastes run to the less-than-predictable, this entirely unique opportunity offers the chance to get creative, crafty, and just a little weird all at the same time.

The Steam Punk in Your Life: Is the term “steam punk” not ringing any bells? Don’t worry– you know them when you see them. Those folks walking around with pocket watches, old-fashioned spectacles, too many buttons and buckles on their shoes, and a kind of Sherlock Holmes-y demeanor? For those obsessed with the romance and nostalgia of simpler, more dawn-of-the-industrial-revolution-style days, this workshop will absolutely strike a chord. Perfect for those looking for a truly (and authentically eerie) old fashioned experience.

The Victorian Hair Workshop at Bazaar will be held on Sunday, January 11th at Bazaar. For more information, or to reserve a space, visit


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